Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Never listen to your mother!

I have been on edge all day, listening for the truck in the driveway bringing the Cricut Cake machines. Grandma Kiwicakes said to me "Go and get your lunch - they won't deliver them at lunch time" WRONG!. Poor Grandma Kiwicakes was left to take delivery of all these machines, mats & cartridges, as they arrived 5 minutes after I left. Lunch is eaten, so I am no working like mad over the next few hours, to ensure all of these wonderful machines are dispatched today to all those that have ordered. ENJOY!

Everyone please be sure to send me photos of your Cricut creations.


  1. Way to go Grandma Kiwicakes, got her out of the way so she could check 'em out first! I say that was a good move! She was probably worried you would stress out even more with them being delivered a fait acompli is good. Now there is no rest for the wicked we are now awaiting your first creation on your very own machine.

  2. unfortunately it won't be tonight. Mine hasn't even made it out of the box yet Sigh!


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