Friday, June 4, 2010

Live Laugh Love!

This cake was a little bit of fun. Just perfect for an engagement cake or similar. The lettering was from the elegant cakes catridge and the heart border was from cake basics cartridge (which comes with Cricut Cake)


  1. what a fabulous valantines day cake this would make oe even engagement cake. Love the colours.

  2. Did you use Fondant for the cutouts?

  3. Hi Judi, it could be done with fondant. I did it with a special icing sheet I have sourced (thicker than edible image sheeting). The reason I was using this, was i had the demo machine for such a short time, I wanted to spend every spare second cutting, not rolling out icing. I am sending out this icing with every cricut purchased on preorder and I will also stock it on Kiwicakes website, when cricut arrives. Are oyu coming to the "big Day Out" in remuera (hosted by Waitakere guild) June 19th?. You can see it in action. regards Sandra


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