Thursday, May 13, 2010

Today I had the honour

....... of being the first person in New Zealand to try the Cricut cake machine. Many of you may have read about this wonderful machine on overseas cake forums or blogs. Here in NZ we were waiting on the arrival of the first Cricut cake machine with an Australasian plug, which was manufactured after the American plug machines. I can't remember when I had more challenging cake fun in one single afternoon.

I first learnt about this awesome machine some months back and have been like a kid in December waiting for it to arrive. Last week the awesomely wonderful (and humourous) Chris (pictured throughout) and Tony (who hid from the camera) invited me to bring a selection of icings and to come and play with the machine.

When I arrived Chris announced "you are the first person in New Zealand to play with this machine". I had to believe him, it still had all it's protective packaging in place. We popped in the cake basics cartridge & away we went. We had several trial runs, at first things did not go smoothly, but as we tried different pressures & speeds we began to cut some amazing things. Chris even cut out S - a - n - d - r - a for me in paua shell icing. We tried edible image sheets & gumpaste.

Chris suggested if he wore the official Cricut chef's hat things would work properly. Chris is also the qualified "fix it" man. Should you ever have a problem with your Cricut machine, he is the man to fix it under guarantee - this is true only of machines purchased within NZ (Machines purchased from any other countries need to be returned to their country of origin for repair)

Then Chris suggested that I needed to wear the hat to ensure our icing was perfect.

I spent nearly 4 hours playing with this wonderful new machine - boy time flys when you're having fun. I don't pose for photos easily, but I was so happy I couldn't help but smile!

The good news is, very soon Chris & Tony will be shipping this sleek shiny red beast up to me to play with for ONE WHOLE WEEK - I cannot believe my luck, I will really get to put it through its paces (I want to try modelling chocolate & fondant), 4 hours simply wasn't enough, as in that time I had to learn how to use it. I am a firm believer if you stick your tongue out it works better.

Even better news, is Kiwicakes will be offering this wonderful machine and all it can do for you for sale. We just need to wait for the stocks to arrive (as currently only the demo model has landed). Rest assured, the moment pricing & stocks are available, we'll be the first to offer the machine & assorted accessories to you.
For those of you intrigued about what this machine can do, we suggest watching this video direct from cricut - if you're still interested, there is this video and from this page, their are even more videos to watch. For those of you that already own the Cricut paper crafting machine - the cartridges you use with that machine, can be placed directly in to the Cricut cake. Allowing for matching paper crafts & cakes. Such as invites to match your cake or placecards.
AND YET MORE EXCITING NEWS - I have booked the demo machine to bring to the "Big Day Out" hosted by Waitakere Guild June 19th, at the Remuera Bridge Club in Auckland, so if you're coming, you can see this wonderful machine in action. By which time I will have learnt to work it properly. No doubt this will mean I no longer need my hat.


  1. Oh my god, I'm like my kid at toyworld ...I WANT I WANT I WANT!!!!! I've had nothing to obsess over since hubbie gave in and got me a kitchenaid. You've just made my mind up to come to the 'Big Day Out'

  2. Hi Sharon, I have been I WANT I WANT I WANT for months I have been waiting so patiently, I cannot wait to finally own my own one of these too!

  3. Hi Sandra I too saw this on that famous Cake Central site and have adapted the Cricut Create machine to use with the icing only. Now I want to buy the Cricut Cake which is more suitable and food safe. I also have the Expressions which I just use for cupcake wrappers and anything paperwise. Where do I order!!!!!! Audrey

  4. Hi Audrey. I will have them loaded to the Kiwicakes website very soon. I have been given a final price yet, although I have been given an estimate. So please just bear with me. I wanted to give oyu all a heads up ahead of time, to let you know they are coming. When the pricing is locked in (and the merchandise has definitely left the factory), I will load ont he website as a PREORDER, so the instant they touch down on my doorstep, they will be back out to you. KInd regards Sandra

  5. Hi Sandra, will you be able to offer a Lay-by system for these cool machines.
    Best Wishes Glenise

  6. Hi Glenise, I currently don't offer layby, as some past experiences of non paid for goods led to it. Howver with the cricut, it will be something I need to look at, we'll decide once the pricing etc, is locked in.

  7. OMG this is a very cool machine and LOVE the colour, it would match my Kitchen Aid cake mixer!! Lenna


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