Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kiwicakes 4th birthday cake competition winner

Today the cake arrived!. For those of you following the Kiwicakes 4th birthday cake competition, you will know the winning entry was a design by Fiona Hume. Today Fiona's cake arrived. Fastway couriers did a great job of delivering it in one peice (only a tiny piece of bow fell off, and it was easily popped back on)
This cake had action on all sides, it was impossible to photograph from just one angle. I don't even think this cake has a front
A view from the top down
A closeup of the flower
I love the marbled board & the lifelike pages of the book
Fragile - often need that label!
The parcel is from KIWICAKES of course!
The Art of Baking - a great title!
41 muffin lane - I'd like to live there!
This afternoon I cut the top tier, it tasted just as good as it looked. The texture was perfect, the taste DIVINE! with not ONE but TWO layer of orange buttercream, in a lovely orange cake.
Tommorrow I will update you with layers two & three (chocolate Banana and Lemon). When I ran the competition I secretly hope for great flavours, beyond chocolate & vanilla - I wasn't disappointed. I can't wait until tommorrow, when I'll be taste testing those other two.


  1. What an amazing cake! Fiona, what a perfect tribute to Kiwicakes for their fourth birthday! Seems like a shame to eat it ... :-)

  2. That's a fantastic cake! I can't believe it's a real one and not a styrofoam dummy, and also that it was shipped to you and made it in one piece!


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