Saturday, May 8, 2010

A cake from my children

This week my husband turned 38 (my children 7 & 3) love to decorate cakes and of course think it should be them that decorates Daddy's cake, not me. For the past few years, this has involved them squeezing lots of tubed gel icing on to the cake and covering it in sprinkles, which quite simply doesn't taste very good, in the quantities they use. My dear husband Vaughan was always careful to praise their talents, despite scraping most of the icing off, before eating his cake. This year I came up with something a little different. A blank edible icing sheet (I just ordered some in to have a bit of a play with, to see if they were easy to use for this style of project, before offering them to you all). I Gave my daughter 7 the round icing sheet and cut up strips for little Mr 3 to decorate (his work is the scribbles below). The crushed rope border and large finger hole, is also courtesy of my 3 year old, he was a little over enthusiastic when presenting it to Daddy on his birthday. The pictures were drawn using Rainbow dust marker pens available in 23 colours. Now that I have seen what the children can do with image sheets, I am interetsed to have a go myself, it was definitely eay to do and beats drawing straight on to a cake. I think it would be a great way to make personalised edible ribbons for around the base of a cake.

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