Saturday, May 2, 2009

Home baking an upward trend

(Source Squires Kitchen Sugarcraft Trader May 2009)
A new trend is sweeping the nation – Caking. The art of baking cakes at home is enjoying a massive revival with 85% of Brits stating that they have baked cakes at home and nearly a third (29%) of British Bakers saying they are baking more than ever before. The research, commissioned by baking expert Dr. Oetker to explore the role of baking in modern life, reveals that nearly two thirds (64 per cent) of Brits bake cakes more than just for Christmas and Easter,
with a quarter (25 per cent) getting creative more than once a month. And just like the recent knitting revival, the Caking revolution is being led by the UK’s youth – 70 per cent of under 25s are baking regularly. A third (29 per cent) of the nation feels the recession has had a direct impact on their baking habits, with 52 per cent refusing to spend money on something they can make at home. Baking is becoming increasingly important (40 per cent) as a family activity, and dads are getting stuck in, with a third of men (33 per cent) now baking cakes as an educational activity to share and enjoy with kids.

Revolution in cake-making led by under 25s
Other key findings:
• 19 per cent of Brits are inspired by celebrity chefs to get Caking
• 37 per cent of men take up Caking for relaxation compared to 32 per cent of women
• 33 per cent see Caking as a creative outlet
• One in 10 (11 per cent) of Brits whip up a cake to impress dinner guests.

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