Sunday, May 31, 2009

2 new pallets of stock coming

For those of you that subsribe to the Kiwicakes newsletter, you would've heard me say the first time I ordered a whole pallet of stock - something along the lines of "it's not likely I'll need to order in that quantity again". WELL, I've just returned home from an overnight stay in the town of one of my suppliers and I have TWO PALLETS coming, with heaps of fantastic new stock, as well as some great vintage Wilton tins. My only concern is now, that it does not rain on delivery day. I am going to phone our local storage on Tuesday after the holiday. I think I got a wee bit carried away buying!!! and I do not have room in the stock for two more boxes, let along TWO PALLETS. These products should begin to appear on Kiwicakes towards the end of next week.

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