Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tutorial Tuesday - Frosted Cupcake Cookie

These cookies make neat favours for parties and can be made in any colour to suit. They are really easy if you have the cupcake cutter on hand. We have multiple different cupcake shapes and sizes available. 

Once cookies are baked and cooled, brush them with a little sugar glue all over, excluding  the edges.

Make a sausage of various coloured fondant. You won't need much of the strongest colour as it becomes very dominant. Then follow Trish's tutorial video of fondant marbling and roll your finished log out in one direction to create the stripes as pictured below.

Again use your cupcake cutter to cut stripey base shapes, trim with a sharp knife and place on top of the sticky cookies.

To achieve the frosting look, roll out plain white fondant and roll over with with your choice of swirly girlyimpression m at placed on top. This time use the top of the cookie cutter to get your frosting outline and trim with a sharp knife so that the base sits nicely against the top of the striped 'cupcake wrapper'. A light sprinkle of non-toxic glitter accentuates the pattern even more. I used crystal candy pink glitter to tie the colours in the stripe below in with the purple gumball placed on top. Indenting the large end of a ball tool from this set into the freshly laid white fondant makes a nice hollow for the gumball to sit in.

The beauty of the marbling method is that no two stripe cut-outs will be identical. 

Sealed snugly in a favour bag these cookies look great and are easy to hand out individually.

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