Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wafer paper bow cake tutorial - Tutorial Tuesday

Our tutorial Tuesday is Too-Hoo cute! - this lovely wafer paper bow with owl cake was created for Kiwicakes by Lisa from the Whole Cake & Caboodle. The owl tutorial can be found here. The star tutorial can be found here.

Decorate your cake as required. I have used a variety of stars on wires and the small owl from the last two Tutorial Tuesday tutorials.

Cut strips of edible wafer paper to the width that you require. Make sure the pattern at the ends matches as close as possible

Paint some water onto the cake around the base to stick the wafer paper to. Just a very light coating is fine and adhere the strips to the cake making the final join at the front. This way if the pattern doesn’t match very well it will get covered by the bow. If you are just having ribbon then make the join at the back of the cake.

Cut some triangles to the size you require for the ribbon tails making sure they are approximately the same size. Placing them together cut a notch out, this makes them both even. Then using a touch of water stick the ribbon tails to the cake - you may have to hold it in place if you wish to add some movement until it sticks but be careful your fingers don't stick to the ribbon while its slightly damp.

Cut similar shapes to make into bow loops. You will need two. I have made these around 18cm long by 7 cm wide with a slight curved edge. This isn't overly necessary it just cuts down on paper when its gathered. Spray lightly (or brush) all over on the back with a small spray bottle, the bow will lightly curl. These bottles are great to control how much water you use and to do it quickly. They can be bought at variety shops in small travel packs for a couple of dollars.   

Pinch the short edge together like so.of each end of each bow piece. You will have two pieces that look like small boats 

If needed brush a small amount of water to the gathered ends and press together. 

Place bow pieces on the cake leaving a small gap in between pieces and stick to the cake where needed with a small amount of water.

Using a small piece of fondant icing make a centre part to cover any joins. Check the fit against the gap.

Spraying or brushing the back of a small piece of wafer paper place gently over fondant piece ensuring it is well stuck and covered. It should just tear off but you can use a craft knife or scissors if it doesn’t Smooth down any ragged edges being careful the damp part doesn’t stick to your hands. Glue in place to the centre of the bow.

 I decided that the stars I had made needed some paper on some to carry the print through. Stick the paper to the star and trim using a sharp craft knife. You can use small scissors but they don't cut as well…and voila!

1       Wafer paper gets very gluey when damp so it will stick to the bench or your fingers. You may find it easier to work over glad wrap, wax paper, computer paper etc

2       You will need 2 sheets for this project for an 8 to 10 inch cake. There will be some spare but make sure you keep any small bits as they can be used for another project

3       If you dot feel confident pinching the bow ends practice on a small scrap piece first
4       changing the colours can make this a cake for all ages and sexes. Adding numerals to the stars on the wires will personalise it more

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