Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sugar-Swap Chocolate Scroggin Bars - from Kiwicakes test kitchen

With all the recent media surrounding the dangers of excessive sugar consumption we decided to try out alternatives. I started with a favourite family recipe so we could taste the difference. The finished result had a chalky texture (in a nice way!) and a cold after taste that we really enjoyed. I used a sweetening product called Norbu that in its own words "harnesses the clean sweet taste of Monk fruit." 

Sugar-Swap Chocolate Scroggin Bars

1/2c Norbu natural sweetener
120g soft butter
1 large egg
1&1/2c flour
1t baking powder
2T sifted cocoa
pinch salt
2/3c peanuts (or other nuts)
2/3c raisins (or other dried fruit chunks)
2/3c chocolate drops (or white/dark choc)

Spread natural peanuts on a side plate and microwave in two one minute bursts, shaking them in between. Let cool for 5 minutes before using. Line a sponge roll tin with a baking sheet and set aside. 

Beat the Norbu with the butter until creamy. Incorporate the lightly beaten egg. Add flour, baking powder, cocoa and salt then mix to combine. Mix the 3 scroggin components through evenly and press into prepared tin. Bake at 180'C for 15 minutes or more. Place on a cooling rack then slice into 20 squares while nearly cooled.

NB. 1/2 cup of Norbu replaces 1 cup of regular sugar. I always bake in double mixtures so I liked the fact that I fed my family two less cups of sugar that week! It was a hit in the lunchboxes.

You can check out the Norbu facebook page here

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