Monday, September 9, 2013

Chocolate Modelling Paste Digging Doggy - from Kiwicakes test kitchen

We made these cute (and tasty!) little doggies' backsides for SPCA Cupcake Day.

This little guy sits on top a cupcake in a foil cupcake wrapper and is surrounded by candy bones. He's made out of tasty chocolate modelling paste sold individually or in a handy rainbow pack.

The 'dirt' is made from crushed up Oreo-type chocolate biscuits, with any creme filling removed. 

Pop the biscuits into a snaplock bag and let loose with a rolling pin until you have the desired texture. 

The dog's bottoms are hand-shaped with white and black chocolate modelling paste. The magic of working with this medium is that no glue is needed to stick the components together, they just magically hold their shape nicely.

Begin by portioning your modelling paste, so that your figurines will turn out even. Cut white pieces for the bottoms, feet and tails. Roll mini balls of black for the pads.

To assemble, smear a sticky icing-like buttercream or ganache over the entire surface of your cupcake. Sprinkle liberally with the crushed Oreo dirt. Use a teaspoon to clear a spot in the centre for your digging doggy to be pushed into. The dog won't stick to the crumbs, so it's essential you make a hole in the dirt - this also creates a build up of dirt against the dog's body, which makes it more realistic looking.


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