Friday, February 22, 2013

Red velvet cupcakes from the Kiwicake's test kitchen

Today I needed to whip up some cupcakes for a friends birthday. Things had got a little crazy here at Kiwicakes and I was a little time poor. I decided to run with the Red Velvet Cake mix from Kiwicakes. And it's actually really quite tasty! (The mix made 26 cupcakes)

I selected the Le Petit Gateaux Papillion butterfly cupcake papers, as well as our limoncello stripe. I just love these papers, as they are grease resistant. (Cakes with oil in show less grease than cakes with butter - the cake mix uses oil). You can see from the photo above, after baking there is no grease showing.

To decorate I used white chocolate modelling paste, rolled out with a rolling pin and I cut and embossed the butterflies using fondant plunger cutters. I left the modelling paste butterflies sitting at an angle to harden a little.

On any give day, there's many new things I want to have a play with, so I did some in yellow papers - so I could use our new exclusive to Kiwicakes Sugar pearls (read all about them here)  I was thrilled to find today, when eating these pearls they aren't jaw breakers and are actually quite pleasant and easy to crunch through (unlike many I've tried). I thought the 4-5mm yellow looked nice with the 2-3mm rose pink.

My friend Ange is the lucky recipient of these later today, so I've popped them in to one of our cupcake boxes, to get them safely across town. And a couple-or-three got gobbled by the Kiwicakes staffers who agreed they were pretty tasty.

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