Thursday, May 3, 2012

A sunny rainbow party in Whangarei

There's a very special surprise inside this cake. Wait for it, I promise it will be good.

A short time ago, a very special lady named Minette came to see me. Minette is special, as she is the wonderful lady behind the Kiwicakes Trixie kiwi baker logo. She has a wonderful graphic design business here in Whangarei called Red Cherry Design (I can highly recommend her). I was also able to connect Minette with a charity I sponsor, SPCA Cupcake Day. Minette has designed the SPCA Cupcake day tea towels this year. I can't wait until they are produced, I will be giving some away here on the blog. Well back to the story................. Minette came to get some rainbow gel colour pastes for a rainbow party she was planning for her son Daniel. Her resulting party is shown below. After seeing these photos, I want Rainbow jelly for my birthday!

Minette said it took a few hours to make this jelly and by the time she was finished, she had more than she needed for the mould.

Everything had the rainbow theme touch!

I adore the sprinkles rimming these glasses.

Now wait for it, the party guests are going to cut the cake soon

We better take the guests photos first!

Ta Da! - a stunning interior, thanks to the gel pastes in the cake batter

Even the cupcakes got the rainbow treatment

As did the party bags

Thanks Minette for sharing your rainbow party with us. I hope it's given you some inspiration for your rainbow party.


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