Friday, September 21, 2012

Operation Sugar - giving back

Over the last few days I've been discussing Operation Sugar with it's creator Rachel Jenkinson. The cause has me really fired up. I knew I could do more than just bake for Operation Sugar. Over the course of this blog post I'll aim to set out all that is happening so far.
Rachel has just launched Operation Sugar via Facebook - click here for the page. She is calling for bakers and decorators to make 1 cake per year for a child in need (serving children 13 years or younger at date of the request who have a critical illness or an illness that requires hospitalisation). In the space of just a few days she already has 37 bakers registered. And the first request for a cake has come through for a wee girl with renal failure who will be in hospital on her birthday and at Christmas, to make matters worse her poor mum is currently having chemo.

Rachel has had ideas pouring in beyond offering to make a cake, one generous baker said "I don't mind people borrowing my cake tins if they need them (to save on hireage costs). I only have a butterfly tin and a 10" square tin so far but will be slowly building this up"

So as a result I have loaded a new category for threads to the Kiwicakes Forum - see here

When I started on my Operation sugar journey I thought What could I do? I knew I could bake a cake for Operation Sugar (I secretly hope I can bake more than 1 per year). This led to me think what could Kiwicakes do? I started to think about the many wonderful bakers out there, that could bake for this cause - many have families of their own and are on a tight budget, these people might be restricted or unable to make a cake for this cause, due to financial constraints. So as a result I'm launching the Operation Sugar scholarship programme, starting with 4x $100 cake decorating parcels and 6 x $50 cake decorating parcels per year. Full details of the scholarship programme will be launched over the next week or so (essentially people needing assistance will need to email me in writing what their Operation Sugar cake will be and what supplies they need to complete their cake). As many of the Operation Sugar bakers are already Kiwicakers - I'm also offering any Operation Sugar baker who mentions they are baking for Operation Sugar when placing an order with Kiwicakes something to compliment the cake they are making.

I'm looking forward to some fun times ahead liasing with Operation Sugar bakers. I urge you to share this post with a friend. If you have any ideas feel free to contact me, or Rachel via the Operation Sugar facebook page - we'd love to hear from you!

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  1. What a Fantastic Idea KiwiCakes!! I have already signed up to the Operation sugar and cant wait to see the first cake to be made :) I too am on a tight budget so the scholarship you have introduced perfect,and would really help those who need it to get the job done, Good on you KiwiCakes xxx


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