Monday, December 17, 2012

Our Second Operation Scholarship cake

This lovely cake made for Brad (who is a twin) was the second cake Kiwicakes granted a supplies scholarship for. Stephanie Kavanagh from Kavanagh Cakes I included the baseball candles, as a little surprise for stephanie, I love how she put one on a wire and has the figures looking at it in flight. 

Bradley (on right of pic) is undergoing treatment for a brain tumour. The wonderful Stephanie (in the middle) from Kavanagh Cakes made this awesome softball themed cake for Brad to share with his twin brother Adam (on the left) on their 14th birthday!

I love some of the special details Stephanie did, such as the red stitching on the lettering

I think Stephanie made an amazing cake, if you'd like to know more about Operation Sugar and the Kiwicake's scholarships for cake supplies, click on the tab above in this blog

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