Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Gosh I've received the "Stylish blogger award" and I've now to follow these instructions (Or goodness knows what will happen to me - sounds like fun though)

1) Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award

2) Share 7 things about yourself

3) Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers

4) Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award

2) Well anyone who regularly reads this blog will know a lot about me already, so I'll give you the sort of info that I might almost call secret
1. I adore PASTA - I could eat it every night for dinner and never get sick of it, I particularly like it with pesto.
2. I was once upon a time a manufacturing jeweller.
3. I have an addiction for "Body Combat" a Les Mills exercise class.
4. Once of my favorite sweets is marzipan and anything to do with marzipan
5. I prefer to make sweet dishes, but when I cook I love to make fiddly things - like  hors d'oeuvre's or appetisers
6. My favourite flower is the Arum Lily
7. My favourite colour is green, I even had a green wedding dress, back as a spring chicken when I got married in 2000 at 24.
3. Wow awarding 15 recent blogger's (some might not end up being so recent.)

1. Monica from Delissimon - Many of you may remember Monica from "NZ's hottest home baker". Monica was actually one of my first commenter's way back when I started this blog, in the first few weeks, I think it was just me and Mon! We have regular cyber chats, I am glad she is in my life.
2. Flo from Flo's a Scrapin  Flo and I got to know each other, when Cricut Cake was released. Flo's knowledge of all things paper related in Cricut, opened my mind to what was possible in icing and then some. I 've learnt so much from Flo. 
3. Evelyn from Fun Decorating I'm loving the chance to showcase some of my customers blogs! - I enjoy checking out the latest creations here.
4. Nici from Nic Nac Noodle Nici is based in Taupo and  this could have been one of the seven things I could have told you about me.................. Nici and I flatted together in our youth for a few years, I still see Nici's mum and sister daily, as they work at the local Post office. Nici's party planning news and ideas are awesome. Her site is the one I go to, when my children consistently pick a theme I don't stock. Lately I've been loving her party food ideas.
5 Cakes by Anne another of my customers blogs. Anne runs cake decorating classes. We met at a recent conference, she's one fun lady, we often chat on the phone.
6. Sondra at Sweet Bites Cakes I love her novelty cake work, another lovely lady, I've had the pleasure of working with.
7. Vanessa at Bella Cupcakes Her blog has recently had a makeover. Many of you will be familiar with her work. Her work is unparalleled in my mind. If I was getting married (already did that - I would order my cake from Vanessa)
8. Glory from Glorious Treats does amazing things with cookies & cakes. She plans stunning parties and her floristry is awesome. I have in the past commented on Glory's facebook, flickr & blog. But she's such a popular lady, I'm but one of her many fans. Glory is very generous with her time, ideas and free printables she creates & shares.
9. Haniela from Haniela's food & photography she has in the past very kindly permitted me to share some of her tutorials with you all here on my blog. Her amazing photos always accompany her generous tutorials, you could learn alot from Haniela.
10.  Delish Cupcakes Colleen and Kathryn are two awesomely awesome girls who work together over on the North Shore (Auckland). Get yourself over there for one of their wonderful creations that change daily.

11. Bullrush Chocolates - these girls make everything sound like fun (even when they are not having fun)

12. Baking for Hospice Because I admire the amazing work they do and there never ending enthusiam for helping others (due to the nature of this blog - I won't be able to get them to particpate in this project -as the blog is showcasing the baking only)

13. Mrs A. in the Cove an amazing blog I admire for her dessert tables. Every time I view them, I want an excuse to make one.

14. Sequin Corner Cakes Kasey, yet another Kiwicakes member, I just sneaked a look and she has a great tutorial just listed recently. Kasey recently was drawn to have her photo showcased int he Kiwicakes newsletter.

15.Tales from a Cafe chick I enjoy reading this blog immensely, always humourous, sometimes thought provoking. Even better for those in Wellington, as great eats tips are often given away.


  1. Great to see all those wonderful Blogs, Sandra. Wow, Glorious Treats is right up my alley!

  2. Thanks so much for featuring me!! :)

  3. Oh you sweet lady! I had no idea that we were alone in our comments. Hehehe. I have to say you were one of my first commenters well as being the best bloggy cheerleader I've had! Big love!

  4. Aww, shucks! Thanks, Sandra - I'm really chuffed! I guess I need to play the game and get tagging ... it might be a weekend job, or one do while I'm waiting for my cupcakes to bake. :-)

  5. Thanks Sandra, Such a buzz to be up alongside some of the best! You have made my day. :)


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