Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A day in the life....

Following on from my day in the life of Kiwicakes posts. This one is actually a weekend in the life post. I spent the weekend in Auckland this past weekend. I managed to call in on my good cyber friends Kathryn & Colleen who I met for the first time this weeknd. They're the wonderful, talented, awesome ladies behind Delish cupcakes They've opened a shop at Shop 4, 14-16 Raines Ave, Forrest Hill, North Shore City. They of course sell their wonderful cupcakes - as well as the most delightful old fashined sodas from Boylan's Bottling Co and Coffee from Atomic coffee. They also have goodies from Little Cookies (sorry I missed you there Kirin). I preordered a big box of mixed cupcakes, as I had been dying to try all of the selections available, as these girls have been constantly teasing me with flavours of the day via facebook. When I visited it was the last day of their opening week and their "Grand opening"
Here's a look at the cupcakes I got (and every single one was divine!)

Now I immediately ate the red velvet and cream cheese icing one YUMMO
Big Bro ate the Peanut butter one (flavour of the day)
I had to wait an hour or two before I could tackle another - but then it was straight in to the lemon passionfruit.
Now I did share these around, Grandma Kiwicakes made straight for the orange choc (with the fish on top) and later tackled a raspberry one. I had been treated to a raspberry one in store, so didn't have to make a beeline for that. I was impressed by the raspberry icing, which is made using REAL raspberries. (Their bananas are fair trade too).
Now cheeky Kathryn said I could take a photo as long as she wasn't in it. I captured the beautiful Colleen along with their wonderful helper (who had her face painted by the instore face painter - there for the grand opening) They seem to have a lot of fun at Delish.
However Kathryn doesn't get away too lightly as TV3 featured them today in an article, so you can catch a photo of her, by clicking here to read the full story and see the photos.

On to Sunday - I attended Cupcake Camp as an invited demonstrator. I demo'd the Cricut Cake machine and had a heap of fun talking to Kiwicakes customers (even one of the judges admitted to being a customer of Kiwicakes). The afternoon whizzed by so fast, it was over before I knew. Sorry to those I didn't get a chance to catch up with. I leant Ghada (the Cupcake Camp organiser) a hand with the running, and with so much to do - 2 hours simply wasn't enough time. We were all treated to wines from Sirens Wines. Now if you're planning a fundraiser, check out Sirens Wines, as they are a winery that exists and was created, to market their wines, through fundraisers, to benefit the community and charities. (and their chardonnay is divine very buttery)
The Judges Were Mel from Easy Mix and many of you may remember Grayson from the TV show "NZ's Hottest Home Baker".
I taste tested some of the amazing entries, but there were more than I could physically manage. I fell in love with the "winter warmth" cupcake featuring whiskey (somehow - that one still amazes me), the topping on this "best in show" entry was amazing, a caramel fudge like icing.
Here's a pic of the cupcakes getting ready for the judges, each silver plate is one category and the flags let the judges know the flavour. That's around 20 cupcakes they had to taste test. There were more than 20 different cupcakes at Cupcake Camp. Not everyone wanted to enter their cupcakes for judging.
I can say I had a great weekend in Auckland this weekend. I can't begin to imagine how many cupcakes I consumed. Too many? NEVER!


  1. What a wonderful post! Thanks for the mention Sandra - had a great day and it was so nice to meet you

  2. Hi Sandra, it was great to meet you on Sunday. I have a very sweet tooth, but Cupcake Camp showed me there is such a thing as too much sugar. There were just so many AMAZING cupcakes I had to try!!!

  3. I am loving the buzzy bee cupcake!


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