Saturday, April 17, 2010

Take home gift for our little party guests

apologies, currently the picture loading on blogger, won't let me load landscape, it is doing everything potrait. I will endeavour to fix asap.

This year, when I was planning Poppy's 7th birthday party, my husband Vaugahn asked if we could give our party guests, a gift that was reusable or recyclable (I.E no plastic toys that would break on first use). With a little help from a friend, th Oh-so-0fabulously talented Lisa (who did the sewing), we came up with My little pony aprons, cupcake papers and cupcake sprinkles. I also handmade some cupcake picks.
The gifts are packaged in wilton cupcake boxes. Each guest received, 1 apron, some cupcake papers, 12 picks & sprinkles. (The sprinkles & cupcake picks were packed inside the small pink pony box)

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