Sunday, January 24, 2010

Exciting new range of edible images

For some time, I have been concerned by the lack of suitable edible cake toppers for adults and designs for children that are not licensed tv or movie characters.
I have sourced a stunning new range of edible cake images (with more still to arrive) that will fill this void. This range is brand new to New Zealand and you won't find them anywhere else in NZ
Some of the designs just landed include Jandals, Tiger, shark, dancers, rainbow, animal prints, pirate flag, NZ themes, Casino and more.


  1. They look brilliant, nice to see non license ones, I'm not a fan of them so it's nice to have an option

  2. Hi Selena
    In the early days with my kids, the closest they got to a licensed character was Sesame St. Now that they are school though - they know them all!


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