Sunday, March 29, 2009

How to mix icing colours

Dip a toothpick into the colour, then swirl it into the icing. Add colour a little at a time until you achieve the shade you desire. Always use a new toothpick each time you add colour; you want to avoid getting icing into your jar of colour to avoid contaminating it. Blend the icing well with a spatula.
Consider the type of icing you are using when mixing colour. Icing colours intensify or darken in buttercream icing about 1-2 hours after mixing. Royal icing requires more colour than buttercream icing to achieve the same colour intensity.
To make the colour commonly referred to as "Tiffany blue" - named after the packaging from the famous Tiffany's jewellery store mix "sky blue" & "Teal".
Other great colour mixes are:
ANTIQUE GOLD Add just an extremely small touch of Leaf Green to Golden Yellow
AQUA Sky Blue and Leaf Green
AVOCADO Use Moss Green color
BLACK (if not using black paste colour) Royal Blue, Christmas Red, Orange and Lemon
CHARTREUSE 9 parts Lemon Yellow, 1 part Leaf Green
CORAL Creamy peach and a touch of pink or orange and a touch of pink.
FLESH Add just an extremely small touch of Copper to white icing. Ivory can also be used. Light pink with a small amount of brown.
GRAY Add just a touch of Black to white icing.
HUNTER GREEN Kelly Green and a touch of Black
JADE Leaf green, Royal Blue and a touch of Black
LAVENDER Pink and Violet
MARIGOLD Lemon Yellow and Orange
MAROON Burgundy and Red Red
MAUVE Touch of Burgundy with very little Black.
MISTY GREEN Leaf Green, Royal Blue and a touch of Black
MOSS GREEN (if not using Moss green paste colour) Violet and Lemon Yellow
MULBERRY Rose with a touch of Royal Blue.
NAVY BLUE Royal Blue and Black
PERIWINKLE Royal Blue and Violet
PLUM Use Violet with a touch of Christmas red.
RASPBERRY Pink and Red Red
RUST Orange, Red Red and Brown
SILVER It is not advisable to attempt to simulate silver colour in icing. Instead, try silver lustre dust or silver edible paint.
TEAL (if not using teal paste colour) Lemon Yellow and Sky Blue
TURQUOISE Sky Blue and Lemon Yellow
WARM GOLD Golden Yellow with just a touch of brown.

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