Sunday, March 29, 2009

How to make MMF (Marshmallow fondant)

To make an icing that gives the appearance of rolled white fondant, but tastes great, you can use Marshmallow fondant, often referred to as MMF.

500g. mini marshmallows
2 T water
1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp lemon juice (fresh or bottled)
2 tsp corn syrup (helps w/ pliability) available on Kiwicakes website
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp lemon extract
1kg icing sugar, sifted (aprx 7C)
Vegetable shortening (Kremelta or Crisco)

Grease microwave proof bowl with Kremelta. Also grease wooden or heat proof spoon. Pour marshmallows and water into bowl. Microwave for approximately 2 minutes stopping and stirring at 40 second intervals. Mixture should be soupy. (if you want pink fondant, just use pink/white marshmallows.) Take out of microwave and immediately add corn syrup, lemon juice, salt and extracts. Stir well. Sift confectioner's sugar into mixture, one cup at a time. After approximately 5 cups, grease your hands well with Kremlta and knead the mixture in the bowl. Add the sixth cup and continue to knead. Now grease your work surface well and turn mixture out of bowl onto counter. Sift remaining sugar, regrease hands, and knead well. If mixture seems soft, add one additional cup of icing sugar. Shape into a mound and put a coating of Kremelta on outside. Double wrap in cling wrap and insert into zip-lock bag. Press air out of bag and seal. Allow to rest overnight, but, can be used after sitting for a few hours


  1. Does this take colour in the same fashion standard fondant does?

  2. Yes you're right. Exactly the same

  3. hi there. Do mini marshamellows exist in NZ?
    I've also only found the bags in mixed pink and white.


  4. Hi there. Hard to find in single colours, you can use the large ones. It doen't really matter. If you're making red, pink or purple, orange fondant it's fine to use the pink ones.

  5. Hi there sandra, how long does it keep for?

  6. Hi Sandra
    I used to make marshmallow fondant when I lived in Dubai, and it turned out perfectly every time.
    I cannot find white only marshmallows here in NZ and am spending a fortune on buying pink and white ones - and eating a LOT of pink marshmallows - which is not doing my wallet or waitline any good at all.
    Where have you managed to find white marshmallows in the past?

  7. Hi Jenn
    My secret is to go to the bulk bins at bin inn or the supermarket and find the giant ones, when you do, you'll see there are always HEAPS more white ones in there, than pink, because all the kids and many parents aim for the pink ones, as they are so big, you can easily aim your scoop at the white ones, you still go home with some pink, just not as many.

  8. Hi Sandra
    I have just bought a Cricut cake machine so am wondering if this recipe will work well on the machine?

    Thank you

  9. yes you can, but you need to roll thin, it's not as good for very small intricate cuts

  10. Hi Sandra

    Attempting to make MM Fondant for my son's birthday cake, never made it before so I'm hoping it will turn out. Would I need to make 2 batches of this recipe to cover 2 x 6" layer cake? I want to make sure I have enough and also is it best to make it in batches or could I double the recipe if needed?


  11. if I got caught short and didnt have marshmellows at home could I make some marshmellow and then make the MMF?

  12. would you recommend painting on marshmello fondant with red food colouring


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