Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Millionaires caramel ideas - yet more neat ways to use it

Here's another great range of ideas how our Caramel tasters group found ways to use the Kiwicakes Millionaires Caramel (8.95per 500g pot) . Above this super cute cake From Bridget A last minute cake order called for me to use caramel 2-ways.
4-layers of dark chocolate mud cake filled with caramel spread directly onto each layer and also used in the salted caramel buttercream filling.
Covered in vanilla buttercream, topped with marshmallows, all dusted with lustre dust to give a antique gold effect and finished with KiwiCakes twinkle little star sprinkle medley

From Paula Chocolate and Caramel mud cake with Caramel and ganache layers

This one had my taste buds salivating. Bridget told me "I used up the last of my KiwiCakes Caramel sample in a caramel cheesecake topped brownie. 
I used a raspberry cheesecake brownie recipe and swapped out the frozen raspberries for dollops of caramel."

Filling a cupcake, I added some sea salt flakes and warmed it in a piping bag in the microwave on short bursts. Pushed tip in to cupcake and gave a quick squeeze.

From Bridget Crispy Salted Caramel Nuts in less than 5 minutes. Perfect Christmas gift. Toast some nuts in the frypan, heated the caramel until it bubbled, added the nuts, sprinkled with sea salt flakes, spread out to cool.

From Megan - Banana chocolate chip cupcakes with yummo caramel in the middle. I added a bit of salt to the caramel too. nuts, sprinkled with sea salt flakes, spread out to cool.

From Bridget - Last minute dessert for when you have unexpected guests
Mini Caramel Tartlets, 
Ready made tart cases, Kiwicakes caramel,melted chocolate.
Your guests will think you spent hours making dessert

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