Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mini Passionfruit Cheesecakes

Recently the lovely Jenny who works at Kiwicakes made mini passionfruit cheesecakes, which were a huge hit at her party. I'll admit I think these are so much prettier than 1 large cheesecake. And her super easy way of making them has inspired me to make them this weekend.

Using any plain biscuit crush a 250g pack in the food processor with 150g melted butter. This wonderful cheesecake pan has loose bottoms making it super easy to get the finished chilled cheesecakes out.

Press your crushed biscuit down in to the pan

Top with cheesecake mix

For the topping use one box of lemon jelly and one jar of passionfruit pulp. Adjust the water amount for the jelly, to allow for the passionfruit pulp. (e.g remove 300ml of water to allow for 300ml of passionfruit pulp)

Voila! the finished cheesecakes so simple, yet they make you look like a dessert chef superstar.

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