Monday, July 27, 2015

Loaded Chocolate Celebration Cake - from Kiwicakes test kitchen

Here is a simple idea for the next cake you have creative license with. Simply load the top with the recipients favourite chocolate bars and lollies! I made this cake with inspiration from my baby sister for her 21st birthday and was really pleased with the result.

Think about height and variation of textures when you are shopping for goodies. Position the biggest items first. Cut a shallow hole out of the cake where you will anchor each piece and press them firmly in. Turkish delight and Crunchie bars can be sliced to expose their colourful centers. Red licorice choc logs work well too. Remember that odd numbers look best with any creative endeavors like this. Somehow the cake looks most balanced when there are bars coming out on completely different angles!

Pipe some buttercream swirls in and around the base of your bigger chocolate bars to further cement them in. Top with a generous mixture of lollies and sprinkles to fill in all the gaps. I used some Glo Hearts and Sour Strawberries from Kiwicakes old fashioned lolly range as well as a chocolate transfer sheet to create the stunning chocolate shards with swirl effects.

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