Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Girly Cookie Art - from Kiwicakes test kitchen

Today I'm going to share with you some cookies I demonstrated at the Auckland Cake Expo in July. They all have an element of beauty - perfect for feminine occasions.

These confused cupcake cookies were made with this basic cutter and adorned with vibrant fondant using the same cutter as for the cookies. The bottom striped 'wrapper' section was made using a marbling technique you can watch in an earlier Kiwicakes blog here. If you look closely you will see that even the orange has faint parallel yellow lines in it. Its a neat trick to learn and help avoid fondant decorations from looking flat. The cupcake 'tops' were made glam with the addition of mini silver balls spaced out perfectly with the aid of this Press Ice Tool and the faintest touch of edible glue. The bow, butterfly and mini pearl additions were made simple with a really versatile tiny features silicone mould.

This racy red stiletto was also made with a basic shoe cutter. The fondant I chose was red for impact and I used a peacock impression mat to texture the surface - only because it was right beside me at the time. Its funny how sometimes you try something though and it just works. As always I stuck the fondant shape to the cookie with edible glue. An even swipe of silver lustre from a pump brush gives it subtle sparkle and then rice shape dragees stuck on turn this into an evening shoe. The wee bow on the toe was made from the same mould as used with the cupcake cookies above.

This dreamy castle was made easy with our Castle Cookie Cutter. Its shape is based on Schloss Neuschwanstein, which for me evokes fond memories of a teenage exchange to Southern Germany. Younger children nowadays would invariably associate it with their favourite princess movies and stories. The two stars of the show for me here are the suggestive brick impression markings and the dainty pink padlock feature. Magical!

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