Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Eiffel Tower Cookies - from Kiwicakes test kitchen

These perfectly Parisian cookies can now be made in the comfort of your own home! Your two secret weapons are the delicate Eiffel Tower cookie cutter and the striking wafer paper edible sheet of eiffel towers, which specifically fit our cookie cutter.

Use the cutter to shape your favourite rolled out cookie dough and bake. When cool, paint with a little sugar glue to make the top surface tacky. Use the cutter again, this time on 2-3mm thick rolled white fondant (with a pinch of tylose worked in) and transfer a shape to the top of each biscuit. I used the middle notches as a placement guide and then eased the fondant on gently.

Cut around the wafer paper prints with fine kitchen scissors. This step can be done in advance and remember that care taken with cutting will show in your final product. Use your sugar glue again (really sparingly) to moisten the top of the white fondant and lay the print on top, pressing to adhere.

These cookies just fit into a favour bag and look great with our styling tags which also come in green, red, pink and blue. Use them to personalise cookies with the theme or individual names.

These cookies can also be showcased vertically for impact! The golden cookie dough we used looks great on this gold cake board. 

The four sides of the tower are cemented together with a touch of royal icing (recipe available in an earlier blog here). I love how you can see through this tower like you can through the real thing!

This structure would also work as an impressive cake topper for french themed occasion. 

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