Friday, May 9, 2014

Poppy's marvellous creations

My daughter poppy recently created her own "Poppy's marvellous creations" chocolate bars in preparation for her Willy Wonka themed birthday party

Poppy started with a simple bar mould, that mimics the shape of a store bought chocolate bar. Along with a mixed pack of wrapping foil.

Poppy raided the Kiwicakes test kitchen for candy, pop rocks, chocolate & other tasty additions. In planning her chocolate bars, she somewhat themed them to her foil colours.  

Pink foil: Strawberry pop rocks, strawberry daquiri jelly beans, freeze dried strawberry slices in white chocolate

Green foil: Watermelon pop rocks, lime jelly beans in milk chocolate

Orange foil: Orange jelly beans, orange marshmallows, cornflakes, chopped peanuts in dark chocolate

Dark pink foil: Raspberry flavoured M&Ms, pink marshmallows, hundreds & thousands  in "Limited edition raspberry flavoured" candy melts by Wilton

Blue foil: "birthday cake" flavour jelly beans, white marshamllows, blue sugar pearls in white chocolate.

The jelly beans we used were all Jelly Belly brand, hence the more unusual flavours

The wrappers were printed on gold paper, left over from her  "Golden ticket" party invites.

Her finished bars were a huge success, they looked great on her party table, and have impressed family and friends after her party (we had quite a few left over, so have been feeding them to visiting family and friends over the last week)

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