Monday, July 1, 2013

Tutti Frutti Custard Square - from Kiwicakes test kitchen

Here's an idea to jazz up the humble custard square and inject some colour into your winter! Top it with a punchy passionfruit icing and decorate with cheerful fruit discs as I did today.

This is really just a fancy version of school canteen and bakery custard slice which can be made with staple kitchen ingredients - but it's soooooo satisfying! 

First, I prepared my toppers by colouring and rolling small amounts of fondant 3-4mm thick. Then I used a cookie cutter plunger fruit set of shapes to cut and emboss my decorations. These nifty devices are also available in christmas, cute animals, leaves, safari animals and more. A quick sprinkle of food grade glitter really lifts the shapes and brings them to life. You could use these as cupcake toppers, too.

Then defrost a ready-made 400g rectangular block of puff pastry and cut in half. Roll out each portion on a lined/greased baking tray until you have 2 rectangles of approx 30x40cms. Prick well all over with a fork and bake each at 180' for 15 minutes until golden.

While the pastry was cooking I mixed up my fruity icing. I love passionfruit, but with it being out of season the same full flavour can be achieved using a freeze-dried fruit powder (and without the off-putting hard black bits!). Melt 25g butter and add 6T boiling water, 2c icing sugar and 2t passionfruit powder. Mix until smooth, adding more hot water if needed to get a spreadable consistency.

Once your pastry sheets are out and cooling you can make up a quick and thick custard. Using your biggest microwavable bowl whisk together 1c custard powder, 1c caster sugar and 1/2c milk. Once combined add another 4 1/2c milk and stir. Microwave for 10-15mins (checking and whisking every 2mins) until custard is thick and goopy and looks like it will hold its own shape when cool.

To construct, top one pastry sheet with the warm custard and then invert the second pastry sheet on top, to give you a nice flat surface to ice with your tangy passionfruit icing. Chill for a good hour until the custard cools and sets, then cut into 12 or more squares and top with your fruity decorations.

Serve at a party, for dessert, or an anytime uplifting winter treat!

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