Monday, August 13, 2012

ICES - My favourite cakes

I know so many of you are waiting for my updates from ICES - I arrived home late Wednesday night, after 3 flights to get to Auckland only to discover my flight to Whangarei had been cancelled, due to mechanical problems. I got a shuttle to Whangarei - but hey at least I made it home, only a few hours late. Thursday/Friday I was knee deep in messages from my absence. I finally caught up with myself over the weekend and am finally feeling like my old self again

I thought I would start my ICES trip posts with my favourite cake. I took over 650 photo's whilst I was away (not all of them good photo's though - so there's some sorting to do). When I was walking around the cake pavillion (which is the display cakes, that ICES members brought with them to ICES for display) I thought to myself  "which is my favourite?" This cake below is my favourite for many reasons. It is extremely well executed and I'm a huge fan of corals, anemones and sea life. Whilst I can appreciate the skill of the mermaids, it's the sea life on the cake I adore. The isomalt Jelly fish really are cute too!.

This cake of cowboy boots would be the cake I would choose if I had to pick a cake for my birthday. I'm a big fan of cowboy boots. 

In fact I had on my list of things to do in Reno to visit "Boot Barn" - I got quite excited when I checked out their website, sadly for me, my intentions of bringing home a few pairs was thwarted when the selection in store, was so much smaller than their website (particularly in my size). However I did bring these beauties home.

I'm still working on my other 640+ photos and will get them to you soon!


  1. OMG that cake is amazing! Must have been hard to pick a favorite but this one sure is a beauty. So many hidden gems. I would have been like a child in a candy store, I wouldn't know where to start. Welcome back Sandra :)

  2. Wow that cake is amazing! So much detail, I love how they've used the piping for the movement too.
    And I LOVE your boots...SUPER JEALOUS!
    Looking forward to seeing more pics!


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