Monday, December 5, 2011

Fun Christmas trees with the kids

This weekend past has been choc-a-block full of cake decorating on Saturday afternoon I made Gingerbread Christmas trees with the children and all weekend long, there has been classes here at Kiwicakes (more about those later)

As my youngest is only 5, I opted for the convenience of the pre-baked gingerbread tree kits  however if you have older children, you can in stead purchase a cookie tree kit, which is a set of cutters that allows you to bake your own cookies.

The pre-baked gingerbread kit comes with all of the coloured icing, lollies and presents you need to make the tree (our children added the Santa, snowmen and plastic Merry Christmas plaque, these do not come with the kit).

This morning, they carried their finished trees in to school, which I had wrapped in cellophane for them - they drew many admiring comments from the other children and their teachers were in raptures, poor Miss Corby I thought she was going to cry.

The first photo is Mr 5's and the second photo is Miss 8's. My youngest needed a small amount of help, my 8 year under supervision, did it by herself)

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