Monday, July 11, 2011

My time in Wellington

Many of you have enquired how my time in Wellington went, at the Her magazine Businesswoman of the year awards, I've had this blog post part written for a short time and hadn't quite finished until now. Many of you know I returned from Wellington to an email crash of epic proprotions, the ripple effect of this meant chaos for some time. But on to the story............

I reached Wellington late in the afternoon of Wednesday 29th and took a taxi to the James Cook Chancellor hotel (very nice). I checked in with the lovely folks from Her magazine . Then it was quickly up to my room to change in to a frock, in time to meet my lovely date for the night. Many thanks for Fiona Hume for agreeing to accompany me. You might remember Fiona's last cake see here or her winning entry in 2010 see here and here Fiona and I had a blast and we talked cakes much of the time.

The awards were part of a lovely dinner hosted by Her magazine. Kay Gregory was our MC for the evening. When it came time to announce the category I was nominated for Kay read out the spiel about me, that had been pre-prepared for her, she then when on to say she could vouch for how great my website was, as she was a customer and received my newsletters, this was totally unexpected and made me quite proud.

I did not win my category, the honour went to Cilla Hegarty from NZ Tax Refunds. Cilla also won the supreme award across all categories. But I'm certainly thrilled to have been nominated.

I met the lovely girls from Biteme Cupcakes Caroline & Rachael this is a photo of them from their website they were nominated for the best new business category. It was lovely to have another nomination from the cake industry. We also talked a lot about cakes. They promised to send me some cupcakes, to test how they travel on the courier (I wonder if they will remember?)

After a fun filled evening, I climbed in to bed at 1.30am and left a large group of ladies still enjoying the wee small hours of the morning.

Thursday morning, I had arranged to have breakfast with the lovely Tanya of Decorada We also talked a lot about cakes & cookies. I was so lucky, to receive a gorgeous box of Trixie kiwi cookies (that's the Kiwicakes logo for those of you that don't recognise it). I would also not be exaggerating when I said, they were one of the very best sugar cookies I have ever tasted. Don't you just love Tanya's wonderful pale blue satin ribbon printed with her logo.

My time in Wellington was short lived less than 24 hours later I was back in Whangarei - one tired caker!


  1. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity Sandra. Those cookies with your logo were a wonderful gift.

  2. Would it be too rude to plug my cake contest here?

    Kindest regards



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