Monday, May 2, 2011

Clikstix - hearts & stars tutorial

Here's a great tutorial produced by the manufacturer of Clikstix, for which Kiwicakes is the New Zealand distributor.

Heart clickstix Star Clickstix
Flower paste
Vegetable fat (Crisco or Kremelta)
Corn flour in a muslin bag
Edible glue
Rolling out board and rolling pin
White floristry tape
Floristry scissors
26g metallic wires
PME Lustre spray (optional)
Paste food colours

It’s important that the flower paste is brought to working consistency before commencing any work – knead a small piece of flower paste with a tiny smear of vegetable fat in the centre of your hand till it stretches like bubble gum.

Lightly grease the rolling out board and rolling pin with vegetable fat. Roll out a piece of flower paste till just over1/16th inch in thickness.

Lightly dust part of the rolling out board with corn flour. Transfer the rolled out flower paste onto the dusted area and gently move around to make sure the flower paste can move freely.

Place the star Clickstix on top of the flower paste. Place fingers on the side bars (not the springs or central area) press firmly and move the cutter over the rolling out board.

Remove the surplus flower paste.

Optional - flip the Clickstix over and return it to the rolling out surface and press the centre of the Clickstix firmly (the plunger mechanism will indent the paste).

Hold the Clickstix above the rolling out surface and press the central area to activate the plunger mechanism.

Dip the tip of a half length metallic wire into the edible glue and remove the surplus. Carefully insert the wire into the star. Press the flower paste around the wire firmly (to secure).

Repeat the above instructions with the heart Clickstix.

Optional paint the indented area in the star and heart with a shimmer petal dust mixed with food grade IPA

Leave the hearts and starts to dry for 24 hours before continuing.

Cut a the white florist tape into 1/3rd width and tape the wires together

Wires must not be inserted directly into a cake you must use a flower spike

Optional spray the completed wire spray with PME edible lustre spray.

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