Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kiwi Cake Decorator - Kirstin Fogarty

Tonight I profile Kirstin Fogarty of Magical Cakes - Auckland . If you'd like to be profiled in the Kiwi Cake decorator profile, please email me at 

Kirstin's online - Flickr site:

Q: How long have you been decorating?
A: 8 years

Q: What is your favorite thing to bake & decorate – why?
A: Children's Novelty cakes covered with fondant – especially Debbie's Browns! ( I have 9 of her books, all autographed!)

Q: What got you started in baking/decorating?
A: 8 years ago when my daughter was a baby I had the top tier of our wedding cake recovered and decorated for her Christening by a professional cake decorator. I was a little disappointed in the cake and its finish and thought I could do a better job if only I knew how? So I enrolled at my local college and did 12 weeks of night classes to learn the basic skills. I loved it and from there on there was no stopping me! Creating my children's birthday cakes and family and friends cakes has been so much fun and I have learned a lot along the way!

Q: What are your top 5 decorating tools?
A: My Kenwood Major, small silicon rolling pin, ball tool, smoother and Wiltons large cake leveler.

Q: What do you do when you not decorating?
A: I am a Mum at home with 2 beautiful children and a busy husband who flies around the world a lot for work! I juggle the everyday running of the home, but I also love gardening and landscape design!

Q: What are some of your favorite creations you’ve created and why?

A: I love this circus tent cake that I created for my gorgeous nephew Sebastian on his first birthday, because the idea of circus animals popping their heads out of a tent was so cute and I loved the bright colours!

I love this cake by Peggy Porschen for its simplicity.

I also love Debbie Browns funky Fairy cake which I did at one of Debbie's workshops last year alongside Sandra!! I look at this cake and have fond memories of a very special day!

I made this little fairy cake for our builders laborer who worked tirelessly digging in the rain for a week during a renovation to our property! He mentioned his little girl was turning 2 shortly so it was a perfect way of me showing thanks! He was speechless!

I also like this recent Debbie Brown creation ‘Midnight Fairies’ from her Gorgeous and Gruesome book.( At last years workshop - we were lucky enough to have a sneak preview of it on Debbie's laptop before it was printed!)
Q: What is your favorite cake, cookie or cupcake?
A: White Chocolate & Baileys Mud cake. I love the subtle exotic flavor that keeps people guessing on the ingredients! Plus it is easy to stack and decorate and stays moist and fresh for a long time!

Q: If you could have someone to make a cake....
A: A two tiered round double barrel cake with 2 large peonies.

Q: Kirstin we met for the first time at a Debbie Brown workshop last year, I recall you telling me, you liked a more minimalist approach to things – is this how you’d describe the way you decorate?
A: Yes, but not a minimalist approach more of a ‘less is more.’ I don’t like to clutter a cake for the sake of it.( I found it hard adding so many daisies to the Funky Fairy cake!)

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