Sunday, December 19, 2010

The easiest ice cream I've ever made

Her sheer enthusiasm for it made me think it must be pretty great - that is an understatement, it is FANTASTIC!
Since making this yummy icecream, I've puzzled as to how it can be so simple - making ice cream usually requires a lot more work and time. Spurred on by Mrs Cakes' assurances it wasn't, I grabbed a bottle of cream from the fridge and a tin of caramel condensed milk from the cupboard. YES that's it, that is all that goes in to it. I could not locate where my issue of the Donna Hay magazine was (leant out to friends and not back yet), so I followed Mrs Cakes' instructions.

Easy Caramel Ice-Cream (from Donna Hay Magazine)
395g tin caramel (found next to sweetened condensed milk in the supermarket)
300ml cream
Whip the cream until firm but still smooth. Mix in the caramel until well combined. Transfer into a 1 litre container and freeze overnight or until firm. (I actually froze mine in silicone cupcake cases, to make indivdual portions.
The taste of this ice cream is wonderful it is far nicer than the sum of the two ingredients - Grandma Kiwicakes and hubby commented it tasted like russian fudge (both are fans).

Prior to freezing this wonder concoction, it did occur to me, the creamy goodness would make a nice accompaniment to Christmas pudding or the like.

It even had the perfect texture of ice cream.

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  1. Yum!! What a super easy ice cream :) Might have to try it out...



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