Saturday, September 25, 2010

The tastiest peppermint brownies I have ever tasted

Ever since I saw this post on peppermint brownies from Lady Katherines' Tea parlor, I have wanted to make them. One thing stood in my way, finding the peppermints here in NZ. However an email to my American foodstuffs supplier some months back, resulted in a a lovely big bag (7 1/2lb to be exact 636 peppermints) arriving this week.

After reading the full post several times, I was slightly daunted by what COULD happen. However I equipped myself with my Mario Batali pizza cutter for cutting the finished peppermint. Honestly if you hate your pizza cutter, or are in the market for a new one, you simply cannot go past this one. I love mine so much, I have even bought it as a gift for others (no I don't sell them).

I used the same spacing for my peppermints as Lady Katherine

After 6 minutes of baking as suggested, mine looked more like her finished product, but the candies had not yet formed one solid sheet. She indicated her oven was old and I might need to bake longer, which I did. My finished product was had more swirl to the red than hers, but I was still happy with the finished product.

I quickly scored the peppermint several times, I would say it took 3 swipes of the pizza cutter over the same line, before the candy did not properly melt back together. I just eyeballed it, I didn't plan what size to cut the pieces to - as this was simply a trial run.

I applied the peppermint to the top of a baked pan of brownie. In this case, I had decided to use a silicone bake tray, so I could pop the finished brownie from the pan before cutting but it wasn't really a problem. A metal pan would have been fine. I used a layer of chocolate buttercream to adhere the peppermint to the brownie.

The finished brownie was a taste sensation. Biting through the fine layer of peppermint gave a satisfying crack, through to the unctuous fudgy brownie below. This is definitely a new favourite. Grandma Kiwicakes tells me it is her "new favourite latest find".

If you'd like to make this peppermint brownie for yourself - be one of the first to whisper "peppermint" in the comment section of the Kiwicakes website, when placing an order and I'll be sure to send you enough peppermints, to recreate this treat. I only have just over 550 peppermints left, so you'll have to be quick, first come first served.


  1. These look fantastic! I haven't seen those peppermint lollies here in OZ either. I have seen some photos though of them piled into beautiful glass vases and used as Christmas table centrepieces. Very stunning! I'm definately going to give this a go myself, but am going to try it with candy canes instead as we can get plent of them here. I'm keen to give it a go with the multi-coloured candy canes. Reckon that would come up a treat!

  2. "peppermint" said in a quiet whisper lol.
    These look so yummy and the ways they can be used would only be limited by your creativity!

  3. Peppermint - yowzahs. They must be a delight to eat. Thanks for sharing the knowledge!


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