Sunday, June 7, 2009

My new favourite thing! KORU

How stylish is this? I was ecstatic when my mould maker sent through the finished photo of this Koru silicone mould. This is the latest mould I will be adding to the Kiwiana range at Kiwicakes. This mould will be available from Kiwicakes only, as we are the sole NZ distributor of these moulds and this was made JUST FOR ME. It's only just come off the mould machine, but I could not wait until the stock arrived to share this photo with you. Stock of this mould should arrive in aprx 10 days. I was particulalry impressed with the ability to form a heart using 1 left & 1 right facing Koru for a wedding cake or celebration


  1. Hi there just wanting to get in touch with you to see how much you would be selling these moulds for?? if you could get back to me and email me at

  2. hello, I am wondering if it is possible to buy a made koru cupcake topper just like in the photo? approx 150-200 pcs.. Please send me an email at


  3. Sorry I don't sell them. I only sell the mould, so you can make them yourself

  4. These koru moulds look great. Are they just in one size....can I use them for moulding fondant icing. How much are they.
    Cheers Pip. please contact me at

  5. Hi there am i able to buy your koru mould???
    please email me asap
    look forward to hearing back from you

  6. I got the mould and am having trouble getting the koru separate from the mould. I tried letting the mould harden and cut round the koru with a knife but the icing cracks, have you any idea what I am doing wrong, in short I just want the koru separate from the mould to decorate the wedding cake with>

  7. What are you putting in the mould?


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