Friday, December 22, 2017

Fun holly cookies for Christmas

1. Stamp out and bake holly cookies using the cutter from this set of cookies cutters using your favourite non-spread sugar cookie recipe (it can help to chill cut shapes before baking to stop spreading)
2. Cut out using the same cookie cutter a thin green holly shape using green fondant icing. Glue to the cookie by brushing the cookie lightly with edible glue

3. Mark veins on the leaves as shown using a flute and vein tool 

4. Using the end of a piping tip 1A or similar cut three berries to fit. Or pipe berries using red royal icing. Make some royal icing to your own recipe or by beating 1 size 6 egg white and approx. 1-1.25 cups of icing sugar together. I beat the egg white until foamy then add the icing sugar in two lots. This used about 1 cup but if you wish to have a stiffer mix to hold piped ruffled shapes you will need to add a little more.
5. Leave finished cookies as is or arrange in a wreath on a large plate approx. 50-60 cm in diameter. If arranging in a wreath place holly berries after cookies have been arranged. I have glued cookies lightly with small dots of royal icing to hold them in place on both the plate and laying them on each other.

6. Further decorate with a ribbon bow or a hand cut cookie bow. Also add cookie ornaments if required.
With thanks to Lisa from The Whole Cake and Caboodle Whangarei
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