Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Quick and Easy Star cut out cake with metallic dragees or Cachous

This quick and easy cut out cake I made for our lovely courier driver Tom for Christmas. However I think it would also make a great birthday cake. The cake took less than 30 minutes to complete.

My cake is a fruit cake, so it has a layer of almond paste as the bottom layer. However if you wanted to use a different flavour, you could do two layers of fondant, or use a layer of buttercream/ganache instead of the almond paste. I selected a star cutter from this set of star cookie cutters

I covered my cake in white fondant icing, then gently pressing down with my star cookie cutter, I removed a star shaped piece of icing.

Using edible glue I painted the star shaped gap, as well as the side edges of the star shape.

I gently tipped in some Metallic Madness sprinkle medley, it used much less than 1 pack, I then gently placed a few select cachous to by hand, to better distribute the colours. 

Slipped in to it's cake box, it was ready for our lovely courier driver Tom.

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