Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Yummy new caramel available from Kiwicakescar

This week, I've added an awesome new Millionaires Caramel, it's spoon bendingly good (I should know, I had to pack it all in to tubs)

Before Christmas last year, I put out a call online for some caramel tasters, to join me in trialling it ( I really don't like to sell things that aren't great) We had an almost unanimous group of caramel tasters who loved its taste. And for the last two months, they've been testing and brainstorming ideas for it's use. And over the next few weeks, I'll begin to share some of those ideas with you. Today I've got a great idea from one of our tasters Paula. Apparently this slice was not only a hit with her family, it vanished at school camp too 

Paula tells me "I just lined the base of a slice tin with Salada normal crackers (broke them into the smaller squares) heated the caramel till just bubbling and poured over the crackers. Then I sprinkled chocolate chips over and smooothed with a palette knife (the heat of the caramel melted the chocolate chips) then the top was sprinkled Kiwicakes Christmas Sprinkle Medley). Place in the fridge to set for 10 mins then sliced with a hot knife. Follow the link to buy

It was also a hit for the more traditional caramel slice  as trialled by Cushla & Melissa

A lot of our trial tasters enjoyed it straight from the tub.

With one taster declaring "Can be consumed way too easily straight from the container! Now to hide it from the husband"

Now I'll have to admit, I enjoyed it's fudge like consistency straight from the tub too. But I was rather taken with this simple snacking idea from Paula.

It is intended that you heat the caramel before use, this is when it loses it's grainy texture, you can add flaked sea salt at this time, for salted caramel. From here you can make a dessert sauce as Natalie did (add cream while heating if you like)

This is just a handful of ideas, with many more to come. If you purchase some of our Millionaires caramel, we'd love it if you send us a photo of how you use yours.

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