Saturday, July 31, 2010

My next super duper special!

Gosh you ladies are a challenging lot!. I say ladies, because so far it has only been ladies, that have challenged me to find them another great special. Here it is..... the Wilton bismarck tip for filling cupcake centres with jam, icing or curd. Or for filling eclairs and brandy snaps. And it is a doozey of a special. Normally 6.50 each - for a very limited time $2.50 each. Click here for the how to on filling cupcake centres.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stunning new Debbie Brown book

I've just received my first copies of the newly released Gorgeous & Gruesome book by Debbie Brown I had the pleasure of previwing this book on Debbie's laptop when she visited NZ recetly. I have been eagerly waiting for these copies of the book to arrive. As always with Debbies books - it's stunning!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sweet art of cake decorating on show at NewDowse

The show is at TheNewDowse 11am-5pm Saturday,10am-4pm Sunday. Adults $5, seniors $3, kids under 14 $1, family of four $10.  For full details on the show. Click here

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cricut Cake Club

At the request of many of you that have bought the Cricut Cake machine, or are interested in it. I've forged ahead and created a Cricut Cake Club along with Flo & Audrey for New Zealanders. They've left it up to me to tell you all about it. (check out our snazzy logo below). It stands for "Cricut Cake Club"  - if you couldn't guess!

This club is open to anyone with an interest in the machine (you don't need to own one to join us), with the purpose of sharing ideas and helping each other to use their machine in new & exciting ways. We are also planning to hold meet ups around the country - where we can all get together for some hands on fun.

We have a blog that functions as a website for the club. The site is a closed forum that cannot be viewed by non members. We believe this will allow a more open communication between members and ensure our cake designs are kept safe, until we're ready to share them with the rest of the world.

Membership is $5 per year, with subs due September 1st each year. (next sub due September 2011). This small cost, will allow us to cover some of the expenses already incurred.

If you would like to join us at the Cricut Cake Club - please email me at
We'll be celebrating September first, with everyone that has joined - with a Cricut cartridge giveaway.

New look blog

It's only a minor adjustment, but in the hope of making some of the items on the side bar of this blog a  little less cluttered - I've moved the F.A.Q, Links and "In the News" elements to a bar across the top beneath the Kiwicakes banner. The handy HOME button allows you to come back to the beginning from any page.

What do you think?. Is it any better?

Fantastic new mould set for the wedding cake makers

If you've ever struggled with making swags, drapes & bows, this set is for you. Priced at just $22 for 4 moulds. It comes complete with instructions.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Another great special 50% off Nordicware ice cream cupcake pan

I've managed to source yet another great deal just for you!. I've noticed the trend in USA parties moving towards combining dessert bars and sweet shoppes with ice cream layouts and as a feature in every one of these partys is cupcakes shaped like ice cream cones. So I was over the moon when this special came under my nose. 50% off Nordicware ice cream cone cupcake pans. Priced at just 34.98 - normally 69.95 each. Click here to get one for yourself.

Icing ideas include placing marshmallows under your icing to cut down the amount of icing you have to use. Or you can serve with REAL ice cream.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Make your own moulds with this cool product

New to stock is this awesome product. Modelling jelly, also called casting jelly. You only need chose an item to make a mould from and heat up the jelly in the microwave. Pour over your finished shape and allow to cool (the shape needs to be placed in a container that is slightly larger than the item being moulded). At just $12 for 200g, it's an inexpensive solution to mould making. Click here to check it out

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Awesome new cake marking mats in stock

Check out these awesome new cake marking mats, that take all the hard work out of stacking tiered cakes and applying garlands. It also comes with some great garland markers. Check them out here priced at 39.50 each

My New advertisement in the NZCDG magazine

I just received my copy of the NZCDG magazine and I'm really happy with the way my advertisement in colour came out for Cricut Cake. A big thank you to my darling hubby for making it for me. I am so pleased I have a graphically able person in the house - I gave up trying to make print ads long ago, as my feeble attempts were not pretty.

It brings to mind a throwaway comment from my late father when I first met my hubby. He said very loudy "an art student - what sort of job will he ever get" Not only does he have a great job, he makes me excellent advertisements!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

New butterfly chablon mat WOW!

This stunning chablon mat is my new favourite this month. Priced at 59.95. Follow this step by step guide, from our good friends over at Roberts, to create breathtaking adornments for your cakes & cookies. New also this month, is a Paisley chablon mat.

Step 1. Get your equipment ready.
•Baking Paper to protect and cover your bench

•The Butterfly Chablon Mat

•A Chocolate Transfer Sheet

•An offset spatula or Perfection Strips
Step 2. Place some baking paper on your bench and then lay the Chocolate transfer sheet on top - rough side facing up (ie the side that has the chocolate on it). Place the Chablon mat on top making sure you can see a pattern through each chablon cut out.

Step 3. Melt some chocolate - you need around 210 g. I used a whole packet of 300g and it was way too much. Pour the melted chocolate along the top and left hand side.

Step 4. Spread the melted chocolate over the entire chablon mat so that an even amount of chocolate "drops" into each chablon cavity. You also want to try and get a clean finish around each cavity, so that the finished pieces have nice smooth, crisp edges.

Step 5. Let the chocolate set. I found room temperature was fine, as the chocolate is fairly thin, so doesn't take much time at all. If you are working in hot conditions, slip a baking tray under the baking paper and put it in the fridge to set. Once set, gently peel back the mat and your finished pieces will be revealed.

No more boring biscuits or cupcakes! - it's a great way to quickly turn something standard into something AMAZING!
These yummy treats will store in an airtight container for a while, so you can make them in advance as well.

Use the Scallop Chablon Mat for a variation on this recipe, creating the following

Exciting gingerbread house competition in Wellington

Wellington on a Plate - Gingerbread Challenge

Gingerbread houses look magical and taste good too! In this challenge you'll be given everything you need to create your own gingerbread house. Expert Tanya Hugyecz of Decorada will get you started, then you will have one hour to complete your gingerbread masterpiece.

All houses will be judged and the winning house will receive a fantastic prize so don't eat all the sweets before they make it onto your house! There'll be spot prizes for participation and everyone can take their tasty creation home with them.

Sure to be twice as fun to eat as it was to make.

When: Sunday 22 August 2010

Time: 11.00 am - 12.45 pm

Duration: 1.5 hours

Venue: Main Floor, Capital E, Civic Square, Wellington

Price: $45.00 per house (individual or up to four people)

Bookings: Essential - Bookings open July

Please visit the Capital E website for further information and to make a booking.

Free strawberry printables

From the awesome Paper Glitter. Strawberry tags free to download. Download these round tags and use them as that or as cute as can be cupcake toppers! Get your free download of these here

Monday, July 12, 2010

Today I have the great honour of........................

Today I have the honour of appearing in NEXT magazine as one of 25 finalists for the "Next woman of the year awards in association with Aveeno". I am one of 5 "Business finalists". I am humbled that what I do everyday in my life is considered inspirational to others and I would not be here today, without all of you my wonderful customers that helped me get here. Kiwicakes is my passion and some days it really doesn't seem like work at all. The winner will be announced at a cocktail party in Auckland August 12th and appear in the September issue of Next magazine.

A little background on the Woman of the year awards.
The award is the first media award of its kind to recognise New Zealand woman in five distinctive fields: Health & Science, Arts & Culture, Sports, Business and Community. It is sponsored by Aveeno and will be held annually.

"These are all arenas women contribute to enormously on many levels," says NEXT magazine Editor Christina Sayers Wickstead. "Yet some of these fields are traditionally less acknowledged than others."

"This is a significant announcement for women. An award that acknowledges all the diverse ways in which women contribute, and that values them equally Every year here at NEXT we write hundreds of stories about wonderful New Zealand women in our country achieving amazing things. It became very clear to us that New Zealand needs an award that formally acknowledges these and other rolemodels".

NEXT Woman Of The Year 2010 will be judged by NEXT Editor Christina Sayers Wickstead, Dame Catherine Tizard and Dr Gareth Morgan.

Dame Catherine Tizard was the first female Governor General of New Zealand, paving the way for others. She was also previously the mayor of Auckland during a period of dynamic growth. She is a strong supporter of community, environment, educational and women's causes. Her passion: helping under privileged women move forwards.

Dr Gareth Morgan is a renowned economic analyst and forecaster, Known for thinking outside the square, backing his son to start Trade Me and questioning the status quo (on everything from global warming to tax systems), he is a man of great spirit - a Unicef ambassador who loves to travel the world on a motorbike.

"We are looking for a leader - someone who has inspired others through their tenacity, commitment and big picture thinking," says Sayers Wickstead. "Women can nominate themselves or someone who has inspired them".

Sunday, July 11, 2010

So ya like my specials HUH?

Well I have another doozy for you! And only you the blog readers know about it YET. Another great Bakery Sugarcraft special. With LONG EXPIRY dates this time. End of 2011. Stock up now, while you can get them. Cupcake images, sheets of 88 normally $49.95 NOW ONLY $24.95 strips of 22 normally $12.50 now only $10. These are great for kids birthday parties or school fundraising bake stalls. The special price won;t last long. Characters include; Disney Cars (Lightning McQueen), Disney Princess, Winnie the Pooh, My Little Pony, Spiderman, Hannah Montana, High School Musical & Tinkerbell. CLICK HERE TO GET SOME

Sweet berry invites & sweet shop printables FREE

Remember  my earlier post for free downloadable strawberry items from Sweetly Sweet. Just added to the their site are these new customisable invites & sweet shop party tags.

Winner of the NZWW magazine competition.

Gosh we have a lot of NZWW magazine readers out there, as well as a few self confessed supermarket checkout skim readers. Everyone got it right Page 76! Our winner is Belinda Wood from Wellington.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cricut Cake demo Timaru this weekend!

News just to hand!. Timaru will have a demo of Cricut Cake courtesy of Audrey O'Kane-Marshall this Sunday. (she is demoing in Christchurch on Saturday, previously announced on the blog). Details for those who can make it.

Gleniti Baptist centre
58 Gleniti Road
Start 1.30
$5 entry fee
Enquiries to Michelle
03 686 3221
027 550 8102

Free Milk & Cookies printables

I couldn't wait to share with you these free printable Milk & Cookies labels from Style me Gorgeous - click here to go to their blog for the download.

News of an amzing price scoop! here first

This piece of news is too good to hang on to until the next Kiwicakes newsletter comes out. So for all of my blog readers, you get to know first!. Our Bakery Sugarcraft supplier has given us an amazing clearance deal to pass on to all of you Sugar icing decorations normally 10.95 only 2.75 per pack HURRY STOCK WON"T LAST! The best before date on these is 31/08/2010 - however they will still be good to use after this time. These are great for cupcake in a hurry for th kids, or for school holidays projects with the little ones.
Styles include Baby Boy (blue), Baby Girl (pink), Winnie the Pooh & Friends, Clowns, Sports, Ocean Friends, Spiderman. Click here to buy Licensed characters are 12 per pack, other styles are 18 per pack.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Cupcake Camp NZ

Kiwicakes is proud to be a  Sponsor of Cupcake Camp NZ. Cupcake Camp is a worldwide phenomenon - and we have our very own here in NZ. There is so much to tell you, I hardly know where to start! Check out the website

Cupcake Camp is a cupcake fundraising event for charity. Basically, Cupcake Camp volunteers create an event where cupcakes get donated by amateur bakers and you come to taste cupcakes and wine. Their is plenty of opportunity to meet new people, mingle and have a good time while supporting a worthy cause. Cupcake Camp NZ is supporting Breath4CF. Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is New Zealand’s most common life threatening genetic illness.

I will be at Cupcake Camp in Auckland demonstrating the Cricut Cake machine. I have also donated prizes for the event, 1 main prize & lots of cupcake papers for spot prizes. There are 3 categories for judging;

•BEST IN SHOW, best all around cupcake – taste, design, you get the idea,

•UNIQUE INGREDIENT, the Christchurch event had cupcakes with chili, green tea and vodka!

•BEST KIWI INSPIRED, best cupcake representing Kiwiana or New Zealand.
Cupcake Camp Auckland is on Sunday August 22 from 3:00 to 5:00
You'll also get to meet the lovely girls from Delish Cupcakes as you'll be greeted at the door with one of their scrummy cupcakes. You'll also get to taste wine from Sirens Wines
So come along, but be in quick!. Tickets are limited, I'd hate for you to miss out on this awesome event.
For those of  further down country, don't panic, there's a cupcake camp coming closer to you!
Dunedin, October 2010

Christchurch, November 2010

Wellington, TBD

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wilton 2011 yearbook is here!

I ordered 3 cases of Wilton 2011 yearbooks & pattern books, which left the USA on Saturday. I wasn't expecting them to be here before Fri/Saturday, but Couriepost has just delivered 1 of the 3 cases YAY!. So all pre-orders for yearbooks & pattern books have been dispatched today. If you were one of my pre-order customers, you can expect yours from tommorrow, as all have just left on the courier, or in the post. priced at $35 for yearbook and $20 for pattern book. Click here to buy.

Free cupcake wrappers & toppers download

Yet again from Paper Glitter a download for free printable cupcake wrappers & toppers.

Great new Kiwiana Cakes book

This awesome new book is just perfect for all those Kiwi mums, dads & grandmas priced at only 24.99 it's a must have for your cake library.
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