Monday, January 30, 2012

Great new videos for baby shoes or trainers & a handbag

Today I've loaded some fun new cutter sets to the Kiwicakes website from Frankly Sweet The oval cutter set makes these wonderful baby trainers (sneakers).

I've also added the new multi-use petal/leaf/bauble cutter set, which was used to make the Christmas baby bootie or trainer below.

Frances has also recently created this video below on how to make a miniature handbag using  cutters from the miniature shoe cutter set

And lastly, I've added Frankly Sweet's latest book Sensational Sugar animals, just released last month. A great buy at only 29.99 a must have for those looking to model animals.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Life on board Pacific Pearl - PART 3

The third instalment of life on board P&O's Pacific Pearl (see here for Part 1 here for Part 2)

If you can't already tell from my previous posts. I thought a lot about the way food was prepared & served on board Pacific Pearl. So I was thrilled when later in the week I learned there was to be a cooking Demonstration and Galley tour (which until this time, i believed the Galley to be off limits to us. It was timed for mid morning, so there wasn't too much action in the Galley to get in the way. The presentation started in the Marquee show lounge with Zoltina-J our cruise director introducing Patrice Mick (executive chef) and Rossen Mateev (Maitre D'Hotel). Between them they oversee hundred of staff. They cooked for us a Basil Marinated Grilled Prawn Risotto, which was on the menu at Waterfront resteraunt that night (coincidentally DH had it for dinner that night)

After the highly entertaining demo was over (Zoltina-J described the 2 chaps as an old married couple, they had worked together so long, but with their strong accents and highly comedic act, it was like a scene straight out of the Muppets!)

Lucky for me, when one of the P&O staff said to the hundreds of people gathered for the tour, he happened to stand right next to me and Grandma Kiwicakes, so we were in the front of the line heading down in to the Galley. This is just some of the wine being chilled.

You descend down in by escalator.

I was conscious I had hundreds of people behind me, so my photos was shot very much on the run. At this time of day mid morning, it was after Breakfast and before lunch, timed to be least busy in the kitchen for us to visit.

The space was actually quite large, but there was so many different cooking stations, prep stations etc crammed in there - it must be VERY hot working in there. I learned there are actually people employed solely to pick up anything that is dropped, so that the chefs do not compromise hygiene levels.

The "welcome to the Galley!" bread display was awesome

More of Armando's vege & fruit carvings

I'm not sure what they do in here!

We received a galley fact sheet that had an interesting list of the quantities of food loaded on board for a cruise.

This photo I took from the gangplank heading in is just a fraction of the stores loaded on board.

During each 9/10 day cruise commonly uses
3,000 doz eggs
1250kg tomatoes
1800kg pineapples
2000kg watermelon
7500 tea bags
450kg cucumbers
4000 lt milk
2812kg Chicken
650kg apples
500kg ham
662kg oranges
1400kg steak

And much much more!

From one of our Kiwicakes members

This clown cake op display tutorial was sent in from one of our Kiwicakes members - Helia Whittaker. Thanks for taking the time to document this Helia!

 Putting together Wilton Cake Pops stand.  Also, have my paper ready to decorate.

  Cut trimmings and attached with double sided tape

Using circle cakepops mould, using non-bake dough...yummy    

Clown hats made from pre-coloured fondant     

Sticks inserted into dough, ready for chilling

Starting to dip cakepops...harder than it looks, but finally got the hang of it after thinning my Wilton Candy Melts.    
  Homemade royal icing for trimmings, and coconut mixed with Wilton Orange Candy Melts for the I'm ready to decorate
Clowns chilling in the fridge...but can't get them to stand straight in the stand...they are unevenly weighted  

Falling everywhere put bluetak around the base of sticks to help balance them and use curled ribbon to hide it.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yet another new course added to our classes

Click on the tab above for full details of the jungle animal cake class Wed March 7th 9.30am - 12.30pm. Everything supplied $100

Munchstache cookies

A true friend indeed. Lisa from The Whole Cake & Caboodle offered to have my children for the day on Tuesday. She made moustache cookies with them. I also received one fresh from the oven DELICIOUS!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Working with fondant course Tuesday March 6th 1pm

Come and join us!. It's going to be fun. Learn all of the techniques shown on this cake. Click on the classes tab under the Kiwicakes banner for the full info.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New classes loaded for 2012 calendar

I've loaded details of new cake decorating classes today (with yet more to come). Click on the tab that reads "CLASSES" just under the blog banner. Classes include Wilton Course 1, Easter cookies & cupcakes. As well as a fondant course. Please do check this link often, as more classes will be loaded frequently.

Valentines Day Picks from Grandma Kiwicakes

From Grandma Kiwicakes - here at Kiwicakes  we have  a vast array of products over 150 items  click here for Valentines Day to see our selection

We have Fat Daddio's heart cake pans in various sizes and heart shape cutters in all shapes and sizes.

These Frosted heart pails are $2.20 each for the small ones and $3.20 for the larger,also in this pattern are packets of 20 cello bags for $8.25

We have heart cupcake candy and sprinkles and for something different jars of kissing lips sprinkles.

Cupcake papers in all shades of pink and red, especially appropriate would be these Robert Gordon papers covered in hearts

Chocolate transfers

Cupcake rings

Cupcake topper all in one silicone moulds.  

Every colour of red and pink glitter and lustre to highlight your efforts.

The list goes on but this set of Cake Pop Moulds would have to be my top pick with the dear little heart shape mould. It would make stunning cake pops or truffles  and of course we  have all the extras to make these too. If you intend to make a home baked gift for Valentines we have everything you could possibly need.

Hamilton Demo Day Saturday 31st March 2012

I'd love to see you here!. Kiwicakes will be there with our sales table.

Easter Demonstration Day. Saturday, March 31st 2012. Discovery Christian Centre, Insoll Ave, Hamilton.
$25 Full Day, $15 Half Day (Morning/Afternoon session)
Carol Hogg - ‘An Easter Surprise’

Ann Shields – Easter Bunny

Corrine Green – Decorated Easter Eggs

Home Style Chocolates – Handmade Chocolates

Phillipa Crocker – Fresh Flowers

Michele Barnett - TBA

Join us at 9am for Tea and Coffee,

First Demonstrations start at 9.25am sharp.

Afternoon Demonstrations begin at 12.50pm

Please bring your own lunch, tea/coffee will be provided

Enquiries: contact Sandra Stark on 07 855 2318 or email

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Drawing of P&O cookbook - Winner

Our winner is Megan with comment no#22. Megan I have left a message on your blog to email me, as your email address is not on your blog.

This was my first time using - True Random Number Service. I've not yet worked out how to show the banner on the top of the page like other blogs seem, to but I guess I can settle for it having picked a random number for me (any pointers on how to show the random org generation properly would be gratefully accepted)

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:
Timestamp: 2012-01-19 00:07:36 UTC

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The wedding of Mr & Mrs Stanners

This weekend past, I made my first ever wedding cake. In the recent years that I've been involved in Kiwicakes, none of my friends have got married, they're either married, not getting married, or haven't found someone yet. So when my good friend Jodie announced she was engaged, I offered to make her wedding cake, as a wedding gift. At the time I offered, I did not know this cake would be travelling to an island - would I have still offered if I knew? - YEAH PROBABLY!

Kiwicakes chews up the majority of my life and these days, I have little time for cake making, apart from for the kids - I had made a total of about 5 roses in my 12 year cake making hobby, so this was a big step for me.

The cake design was a collaboration of some design ideas the bride to be had seen in magazines, but the final design was not copied from any one cake. I covered the cake in white Satin Ice on Thursday afternoon, in the worst humidity ever (in the middle of a storm) - the fondant was like bubble gum, I was tearing my hair out, I could not use a smoother - as it was simply sticking to it - but with no time to spare, I forged on. And what looked bad on Thursday night, did not look as bad on Friday morning. By Friday night when it was covered with roses, it looked 100% better - and many of the pits/ripples that were a result of the terrible humidity were covered with roses. So I can say I was almost satisfied with the cake, I doubt anyone else noticed the less than perfect finish on the white fondant - except for me.  The most important thing was the bride & groom loved it. And I can now officially say I have made a wedding cake.

The groom picked us up at a tiny coastal town Rawhiti - 1 hour North East of my home - it took me a little over an hour to drive the road - as there are many hair pin bends, stretches of gravel road and pot holes. The boat was small - but fast

The groom assured me the back corner of the boat was the most stable spot. Thank goodness the top was covered in cellophane - it got covered in salt spray.

Leaving the bay was rather calm waters, I was reasonably confident the cake would get there in one piece - it had survived the car trip intact.

Then as we left the bay and entered open seas to head towards Urupukapuka Island, I became terrified for my cake, we hit some pretty big waves (the groom was being terribly careful), I could see the whole cake vibrating. I can only think my internal supports of one dowel down through all 3 cake boards, as well as individual dowels in each cake saved the day.

I am still utterly gobsmacked this cake arrived without a single broken petal - I had an extensive repair kit with me, and a few hours to spare.

I also did a blue/white/black candy buffet for the wedding. Unfortunately I only had about 10 minutes to set it up. This was due to the Island clsoing to the public when the last ferry left and the timing of the beginning of the wedding ceremony, once the guests had the island to themselves. The back drop of part of the cafe didn't allow me to get the best photos in my 60 second photo shoot. I look forward to the official wedding photographers photos.

Blue candy is not the easiest colour candy to find, I was thrilled to get Macey's milk bottles with blue tops (instead of just the usual plain white) I added personalised stickers to black lollipops and displayed them in a stainless steel lollipop stand from Kiwicakes

The sugared almonds I picked up in Noumea during my Christmas holiday.

Thank you Mr & Mrs Stanners for letting me be part of your wedding day
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