Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cake decorating classes here in Whangarei

In response to special requests from our customers we've rejigged the class schedule. We now have new classes on the agenda - modelling a boy/girl figurine and wild jungle/safari animals. Check out the full details by clicking on the tab which reads "CLASSES" just under the banner at the top of this blog.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our new premises 1 month in and the bestest cake ever!

A little over a month ago we decided to make the move to new premises. I knew the move would be mammoth, I just did not expect it to be of epic proportions. Last night we celebrated our move to new premises with friends, family & Kiwicakers.

Today I'm feeling very loved. I received many well wishes, cookies, cards & flowers and to top it all off, the wonderful Kevin & Tracie from Chocolate Earth arrived with one of the best surprise gifts I have ever received - This cake featuring me bursting from a cupcake was 4 tiers high and is some of the best cake I have ever tasted. It was Kevin's Upbeet cake (it features beetroot juice in a rich dense moist chocolate cake, which after 27 years in the cake making business Kevin has perfected).

Do you think it looks like me?

You can see just how big it was, as Kevin cuts it up. Grandma Kiwicakes who usually scoffs anytime anyone is heard to say "I can't cut the cake, it's too beautiful" was allegedly heard to have said "oh you can't cut that!".

It was wonderful to be able to showcase what we've achieved here in the last month. I am pleased that we have gone from this - one day in to our move........................

Where it seemed there was no end in sight, during those long hard days of shifting, moving & reshifting to get things right -  to this ............................

Which looks even better filled with all our friends and family ..........................

For some time I have been itching to create my own candy buffet. Last night seemed like a great opportunity.

One of the highlights of my candy buffet table were these awesome cookie pops sent to me by Tanya from Decorada  She did an absolutely amazing job turning Trixie our logo in to a cookie. I was thrilled to have our brand new stainless steel stands, which we have exclusively commissioned (appearing on the Kiwicakes website soon) for our cookie pops and lollipops.

The signs I purchased as a download from etsy and my hubby helped me put the text in the right places - Thanks Vaughan!

The cupcakes were iced using chefmaster tropical fuchsia, but a word of warning under fluro lights, the colour just looks weird, take it outside in to natural light and it's fab! - the same can be said for our raspberry candy bags, again under lights, they look a totally different colour.

The Jelly Beans & Gumballs are from the Kiwicakes catalog - the life is sweet sign, was also from etsy.

The small chocolate bars are organic "Green & Black's" bars, which I stuck a Kiwicakes sticker to.

The Spearmint leaves in black & white are from Bin Inn in Kamo.

Miss Avalon, one of our guests must surely take the award for best dressed in the Kiwicakes theme colours.

This past month has been physically and mentally exhausting, we have tried to keep up with orders & email, we have done our best and at times have messed up. Our sincere thanks go out to those who understood our predicament and were gracious in accepting our apologies for errors in their orders.
We hope to have minimised this now - and regular blogging and sourcing of great new products should return to normal very soon. In the past month, many great new products have arrived and now that the new warehouse is settled, I will begin to list it all on the Kiwicakes website (including those great stainless steel stands.)
My special thanks goes out to all those who gave their time willingly to help me get to this point, during the last month. YOU ALL ROCK!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Come and celebrate with us

Come and celebrate the opening of our new warehouse with us, on Wednesday evening. You can RSVP right here on this post. We'll have an awesome candy buffet, food & drink

Friday, October 21, 2011

Kids fun decorating class in Whangarei

Members of the Whangarei cake guild will be running a workshop for 7-10 year olds in December
Check out the details by clicking to enlarge the photo of this flyer.

Monday, October 10, 2011

New cake decorating classes in Wellington

Vicky from Trends asked me to post details of her latest classes. so here we go!

Trends Basic Cake Decorating Courses

These are the dates for our courses for the rest of this year.

Please book early for your preferred date as there are limited spaces available.

Payment is required at time of booking.
29th October 9.00am to 1.00pm  $80.00
26th November 9.00am to 1.00pm $80.00
3rd December 9.00am to 1.00pm (Christmas theme)  $80.00
Want to know the secrets to making beautiful cakes?
This hands-on class will teach you tips and techniques for basic cake decorating, as well as giving you a chance to play with some of the tools of the trade!

You will learn to smoothly coat your cake in buttercream and cover in fondant, before learning some tips and tricks for decorating with flowers, polka dots, vines – the only limit is your  imagination!

The class will also cover the correct way to colour buttercream and fondant, how to use rolling mats, press sets, silicone moulds and plunger cutters.

A fantastic basis for going on to decorate your own cakes at home!

You will need to bring:
1x  20cm/8” cake

2 batches of buttercream icing
1kg fondant
1x  10” cake board

All other equipment provided, including tea, coffee and light refreshments.

We will have all tools, equipment and decorating items available for sale on the day, with a 10 %  DISCOUNT! Cash only.

Courses will be held at Johnsonville Community Centre

For more information contact Vicky or Becs

Trends      Johnsonville Shopping Centre     Wellington      Ph 478 4877

Trends Cake Pops Classes

These are the dates for our classes for the rest of this year.

Please book early for your preferred date as there are limited spaces available.

Payment is required at time of booking.
29th October 1.30pm to 4.30pm  $60.00

26th November 1.30pm to 4.30pm $60.00

3rd December 1.30pm to 4.30pm  $60.00 (christmas theme)
Cake pops are the latest craze taking the world by storm - come along and learn how to make your own sweet treats on a stick!

This hands-on class will teach you the basics from rolling and dipping to decorating, PLUS tips and tricks on how to make and decorate cake pops at home for any occasion!

You will be decorating 6 cake pops to take home

All you need to bring is something to take them home in

EVERYTHING else will be supplied!

Including tea, coffee and light refreshments.

We will have all tools, equipment and decorating items available for sale on the day, with a 10% DISCOUNT! Cash only.

For more information contact Vicky or Becs  ph 478 4877

Classes will be held at Johnsonville Community Centre


Johnsonville Shopping Centre

Ph 478 4877

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Decorating classes in Whangarei

I'm pleased to be announcing today, that with our move to new premises, we have organised some visiting demonstrators for decorating classes. Click on the tab that reads CLASSES and you'll see all the details for cake pop, cupcake, figure modelling and cookie classes. Book early to avoid missing out.

Friday, October 7, 2011

9 colours of tasty chocolate modelling paste in stock

When this big delivery of yummy chocolate modelling paste arrived earlier this week, I was a happy girl!. Finally it seems here in NZ we are getting some of the supplies we always wished we could get. This new modelling paste has been months in the fine tuning and it's finally ready for you to model with!

Modelling chocolate is a sweet, pliable and colourful dough made from fine chocolate, right here in New Zealand. It is as easy to use as clay. Pastry chefs and cake decorators make flowers and figurines with it - now you can, too! From designs and roses on wedding cakes to kids baking and decorating, modelling chocolate is easy and fun for everyone. Figures made with modelling fondant are more robust than straight fondant figures.

In the past week, I've had quite a few packs go out to Kiwicaker's around NZ. I've been getting good reviews back on it. One thing I can tell you is it is TASTY!

9 great colours to choose from. We will have a chocolate modelling class in store, using this great paste (towards end of November). Details will be loaded regarding our class schedule next week.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fun Halloween sprinkles in stock NOW!

I am still alive and kicking (just). We're still not quite finished with the move  - I will have photos and details for you soon. BUT I did get listed on Kiwicakes today 6 great sprinkle mixes for Halloween. If you haven't tried the sugar strands (jimmies) yet. You simply must, as the aroma from them is simply gorgeous!

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