Friday, June 8, 2012

Fun cupcake decorating with the children

Over the Queen's Birthday weekend holiday one of our children's young friends came over for a cupcake decorating party. I used a combnation of decorating items from Kiwicakes, as well as some spermarket lollies, and a few bits from my own stash. The kids had heaps of fun. Following are photos of the two 9 year old's and 1 five year olds escapades. It was hectic for me - but fun!

Poppy used some of the idea sheets from Wilton's website for some of her creations.

Stencilling with thanks to Heather

During one of our recent Cake club meetings, Heather kindly deomstrated stencilling using some of Kiwicakes stencils She was kind enough to give me the examples, so I could share them with you all. Our members were thrilled to see how easy it is to stencil on to cakes & cookies. Simply by changing the colours, it was amazing the effects Heather achieved. The examples do have some glad wrap over the top in photos, so not 100% clear.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Waitakere cake Club's Big Day Out 2012

        SATURDAY 11TH AUGUST 2012





Corrine Green: Snowman
Jane Sparnon: Snowballs
Iman Ayoub: Arctic Friends
Gaye Seymour: Snow Cloud Camellia
Colleen Fellingham:  Snowberries
Gillian Bannan:    Gingerbread Houses & Snow on mountain with a twist                                                                                     

The day will commence at 9 am with a cup of tea and a welcome –
First demonstration to start at 9.30am.
COST: $25 per person

 Morning and afternoon tea supplied.  Please bring own lunch.
We look forward to seeing you.
Make sure to book this date in your diary now.
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