Friday, October 29, 2010

An awesome new gingerbread house kit just arrived

This pretty Gingerbread house kit contains seven cutters 1x roof, 1x end, 1x front/back, 1x bay window, 1x chimney, 1x window, 1x tree. The height of the peaked end face of house is 18cm. i think it's agreat price at only $22.50

Vintage Betty Crocker

How cute is this? Grandma Kiwicakes recently gave me this Betty Crocker vintage cook book for Boys & Girls. The graphics on the front cover, remind me so much of a story book I had as a child called "The tiger who came to tea". I really loved that book I even have a new reprinted copy of it for my children.

And what did I find inside?


(click on photo of book to make larger for viewing) The head is a cheese carcker, the body is an American "animal cracker" coated in chocolate. I can't quite imagine what a cheese cracker coated in chocolate tastes like. I'm not sure I want to try, but they look pretty darn cute.

F.F.F October 29th

Following on from last weeks F.F.F we're back with another great selection. At time of writing we have good stocks of all our specials, we're imposing no limits, until the stock runs out, so buy as much or as little as you like. Click here to go to our Fun Fantastic Friday! category on the Kiwicakes website. And don't forget, at midnight on Saturday, the prices revert to the old pricing.
Fun Fantastic Friday pricing will always be available to view by 5pm on any Friday.

Cake cards were popular last week, we're back with MORE different sizes $1-$2.50 each. Now only $0.50c - 0.75c each

Shrek & Tinkerbell cupcake papers. Pack of 50 were $5.50 - now only $2.50pk

Leaf veiner set 3 was $18. Now $10

Shaped edible images 3 styles Disney princess, Cars lightning McQueen or Pooh $5 each

Nordicware icecream cupcake pan was $69.95 now $29.95

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Awesome new items just arrived

I'm in love with two of the new items that have arrived today. And YES! I'm taking 1 of each home for me. Ninjabread cookie cutters, perfect for any martial arts themed cookies (or in my case a great gift for my body combat instructor). Priced at 17.50
Or the Cakewich! a sandwhich shaped cake pan, a decent 9cm deep. Perfect for creating the appearance of your favourite sandwhich in cake & icing. I sometimes find it hard to come up with an idea for a men's cake, and I think this opens up a world of possibilites. Priced at $26.75

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A letter from one of our USA readers

It seems I have some avid readers in the USA. I received this lovely letter from Diane Shavkin, who has sent me lovely letters in the past. I promised to pop this up on the blog for our American readers (of which there are quite a few).

I would like you to know that I enjoy receiving your newsletter. Thanks so much.

I would also like you to know about the Hudson Valley Wedding Cake Show and Competition that Steve and I are co-Directing. The Show is being planned for April 20, 21 and 22 of 2012. In November, we will be touring the hotels in the White Plains area of New York State for the venue. We have a professional event planner who is our good friend and a sugar artist as well. The airport to fly in and out of is White Plains. Internationally, it would most likely be John F. Kennedy (JFK) airport in NYC which is about 20-30 minutes from White Plains.

There will be Divisional/Category Wedding Cake Competitions from Beginner to Masters plus 4 Open Wedding Cake Categories; A Live Wedding Cake Challenge (A Wedding in Hawaii is the theme.); A Wedding Cake Tasting Contest with 7 categories; A Saturday Night Evening of Sharing with 4 businesses demonstrating their sugar art products; prizes of cash and sugar art products; lots of vendors and lots of fun and excitment.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fun Fantastic Friday

Following on from last weeks F.F.F we're back with another great selection. At time of writing we have good stocks of all our specials, we're imposing no limits, until the stock runs out, so buy as much or as little as you like. Click here to go to our Fun Fantastic Friday! category on the Kiwicakes website. And don't forget, at midnight on Saturday, the prices revert to the old pricing.

Fun Fantastic Friday pricing will always be available to view by 5pm on any Friday.

Don't forget, as Monday is a public holiday, please allow extra time for your F.F.F purchases to be delivered.

Cake cards were $1-$2 each. Now only $0.50c each

Barbie & Spiderman cupcake papers. Pack of 50 were $5.50 - now only $2.50pk

Shaped edible images 2 styles Cars lightning McQueen or Pooh $5 each

Bananas in Pyjamas edible image Was 12.50, now only $2.50 each

Madagascar Candle Was 7.90, now only $2 each

Ivory cupcake papers, sleeve 500 was $25 now only $12.50pk

Monday, October 18, 2010

Lee-Ann's Pink Champagne cupcakes

I just love it when you all send me photos of your cake decorating. Today in my inbox I received this gorgeous photo from one of our Kiwicakes members - Lee-Ann English of some pink champagne cupcakes, with a chocolate transfer topper. She made them for a newly engaged couple. Lee-Ann was inspired to try the recipe after I blogged about it here.

For Harry Potter Fans

Amy from amyBITES kindly granted her permission to repost her photo of her wonderful Harry Potter cupcakes alongside her Butterbeer tankard. You'll want to read her full post here Currently I'm in the middle of reading the third Harry Potter book The Goblet of Fire with my 7 year old. It's true what they say, adults will love these books as much as kids. The story is unlike any other you'll read. I too have dreamed of having a butterbeer and after reading about Amy's adventure to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal’s Islands of Adventure park - I now want to go there so bad!  For now I'll just have to satisfy myself making Amy's cupcakes.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Airbrush colour added to Kiwicakes online store

I'm pleased to say I've added a comprehensive selection of airbrush colouring to the Kiwicakes catalog. Click here to view all colours 
There are regular colours, electric colours and metallic lustre sheens. The cake above has been airbrushed with silver & gold sheen. The cake below has been coloured with electric colouring and then sprayed using the sheen colours. (photos copyright Americolor)

If you're in the Hawkes Bay or surrounding areas

If you're in the Hawkes Bay or surrounding areas, I wanted to let you all know you can come & visit the Kiwicakes trade table during the NZCDG conference held Sat/Sun November 6th and 7th 2010 being held at the Eastern Insitute of Technology in Napier. Registrations for the conference is open to NZCDG members only and registration closed in August. However you can still have an amazing day out, by visiting all of the Cake & baking related Traders sales tables and the exhibtion of all the competition cakes is open to all to view. The competition cakes will showcase the amazing talent of NZCDG members and the cakes are always of a very high standard. You can also buy a raffle ticket while you're there for $1 for a Cricut cake machine & accessories package woth $1000. There are usually raffles for some stunning cakes as well. I'd love to see you there. To all of my customers, please come and introduce yourself, it's great to put a face to a name. Below is a map, showing where the sales tables are located. Click on the photo to enlarge it, it can then be printed off. If there's anything you'd like me to put aside and bring with me to Napier, please let me know.

Mermaid cookies using the new mermaid cookie cutter

I just received this fantastic photo from The Whole Cake & Caboodle with permission to share it with you. The cookies are creating using this mermaid cookie cutter, from the Kiwicakes range. I really love the back view of the mermaids, what a neat idea. Aren't they great?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fun Fantastic Fridays! - Special pricing for everyone

Here at Kiwicakes, I thought it would be fun to introduce a new specials category each week. I'm going to call it "Fun Fantastic Friday!" - the new specials will be loaded by 5pm each Friday and will run through to midnight on Saturday evening. As tomorrow will be our first ever - the specials are loaded from now. AT time of writing we have good stocks of our specials, we're imposing no limits, until the stock runs out, so buy as much or as little as you like. Click here to go to our Fun Fantastic Friday! category on the Kiwicakes website. And don't forget, at midnight on Saturday, the prices revert to the old pricing.

Mystery packs $200 worth of goodies - was $40, now only $35 (we've had emails about how fantastic these parcels are and many exclamations that they exceeded your expecatations, we weren't kidding when we said the product was in excess of $200)

Wilton Red no taste colour was $6 now $3. Leaf Green was $6 now $3.

Sugar shape decorations (best before april 2011) Clowns, Baby boy, Baby girl, Cars - Lightning McQueen were 10.95 now $3

Final reduction on sugar shapes, best before August 2010 (still perfectly good to use) were 10.95 now $1.50 pack. Sports Balls & Ocean Friends

Exciting SPCA cupcake day update

Today I received a darling letter from the SPCA cupcake day crew, thanking Kiwicakes for its involvement (Kiwicakes supplied prizes, advertised the event and baked for the day). The SPCA made a whopping $201,262 nationwide. This is a 51% increase over the results from 2009. For those interested, the tallies of funds for different regions will be on the Cupcake Day website in a week or so.

The winners of the SPCA competitions for a variety of categories can be viewed here

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Edible glaze in a spray can

This edible glaze spray, has to be so much easier than brushing it on from a bottle. A good 100ml size can, will surely last a while. Anything you want to make shiny - this is your product!

They're here! - after a really long wait PME lustre sprays

Stunning new lustre sprays in 8 colours - a lovely metallic sheen at the push of a nozzle!.

After a really long wait of nearly 2 months, our lustre spray has finally landed. Why you ask?, such a long wait? - well because it's illegal to send aerosol through the post, so we had to have these come on a dangerous goods carrier, as the contents are under pressure. If a can let loose in the post, we're liable for the entire contents of the mailbag ARGH!. It is for this reason, if ordering we cannot send to a PO Box, we can only send to st addresses, using a dangerous goods courier, as NZ post will not carry them.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

For the fans of straight sided cupcake papers

New in stock today, for all my straight sided cupcake paper fans. Ruby Rose & Candy cane stripe

And in a new larger, patisserie case (6cm diameter, 5.5cm high), suitable for gelato, ice cream, cupcakes, or mini cakes. 4 stunning new designs.

Need ideas for your HAlloween cupcakes, cookies, cake & sweet treats

Wilton has some amazing ideas for Halloween, along with full instructional downloads, that you can print out, for the how to This skull cake using the 3d skull pan is just awesome.

There are masses of Halloween cookie ideas using Halloween cookie cutters As well as Halloween cupcakes from simple designs, displayed on this Pick your poison cupcake stand priced at just 19.95, it's sure to instantly transform your Halloween table.

Through to displays to feed large hoards.

If you're wanting to go shopping for Halloween cookie cutters, cupcake papers, stands & more. Click here to go through to the Kiwicakes Halloween catalogue

new look! love it? hate it? or?

The old Kiwicakes template on blogger had become outdated, with the wide screen becoming mainstream, blogger had compressed the screen view of the old template, in the process skewing the photos. So today I took it upon myself to update the template. So tell me, do you love it, hate it? or?

Monday, October 11, 2010

My cake filled Saturday - and the best ever chilli chocolate

Saturday was a day of cake, cake, cake and more CAKE!. My day started with a 5.15am wake up call, to get on the road to Auckland, as I was demonstarting the Cricut Cake machine to the Waitakere Cake Club. I love visiting the girls at Waitakere, they always make me feel so welcome. I had intended to take some photos for you, but as per usual, the morning whizzed past in a blur and before I knew it, the hall was empty and the floors were being swept.
After a quick lunch, I whizzed over to visit my online friends Kevin & Tracey from Chocolate Earth. They opened a brand new store in Clyde Road Browns Bay - October 1st. It's funny, it was the first time I'd met them in person, but we chat online so often, they feel like old friends.

The new shop is amazing. I don't get over to Browns Bay much (I do recall a visit to South Pacific Pictures at the studio for Shortland Street studio in the 1990s and a couple of visits to the Sunday markets over the last decade, but that's about it). For those of you that haven't been to Browns Bay, I suggest you plan a trip, the beach is right there, smack bang alongside the shopping area, so you can take the kids along for the ride. As I wandered the length of Clyde Raod, I was struck by these shoes, outside a shoe store, I thought they screamed paua shell colours, I envisaged myself wearing them for all of about 2 seconds and then continued on. (they were a lot more purple metallic in real life, than photo portrays)

Back to the new store..... I was treated to a hot chocolate, made with liquid chocolate, it was very yummy and one I'd have again in a heartbeat. I chatted with Kevin out the back of the store for a good while, in which time I watched him decorate a cake, make parchment paper cones at the speed of light, all while keeping an eye on an enormous bowl of melted white chocolate.

He also showed me some of the photos of his latest creations. The new store has the most amazing decor. Black & orange with classy cabinetry showing of their stunning range of cakes. And on the wall above the counter is a huge flat screen tv, which has a slideshow of some of Kevins creations. It can apparently show live feeds from the kitchen when interesting things are happening.

You can view Kevins amazing work on his website Kevin is a dab hand at 3d cakes and his airbrushing talents are legendary. He pioneered the paua airbrush technique in NZ.

From his website, you'll be able to follow his links to you tube, to see some pretty momentous cakes being created, including one that used a rubbish bin for a chocolate mould and one heck of a lot of chocolate. You will also find him on facebook.

Kevin kindly granted his permission for me to repost his pictures here for you all to see.

As I was leaving Kevin gave me a box of goodies to take home, a slice of his upbeet chocolate cake (it has beetroot in it), as well as a slice of his flourless chocolate cake. And a rather large Chilli chocolate. Apparently 1 round chocolate cake weighs 3.5kg, as he was telling me this, I lifted my take home box up off the counter, and I could see what he meant, there was a lot of chocolate in  that thar cake!
I snapped a photo of them on my knee in the car, in case they didn't make it home to Whangarei in one piece. (which they did)

Now what Kevin didn't know at the time, is I LOVE chilli chocolate. I am going to go out on a limb here and say Kevin's was the best I have EVER tasted. The centre was as smooth as silk and the chilli hit, was just perfect. If you're a chilli chocolate lover, you have to get yourself over to Chocolate Earth and get some NOW!.
When I got back to Whangarei I cut the point off each chocolate cake to taste test, It was hard to pick a favourite, from just looking at them, I thought it might be the flourless that won, but for me it was the "upbeet" chocolate cake.
Tracey told me as I was leaving the flourless chocolate cake is great microwaved, the ganache makes a sauce once heated. In Tracey's words "it's a self saucing pudding" - so I tried this with the remainder and in one word DIVINE!.

I whizzed back to Whangarei tired & happy, to collect my eldest child, who'd been disco-ing at the home of "The Whole Cake & Caboodle" for Miss Tessa's 7th birthday. Never to shy to ask for cake, I asked for a piece of chocolate orange to take home, as it's one of my favourite Caboodle's cakes.
The Whole Cake & Caboodles work can be found here on Flickr.

Lucky me, I was treated to an enormous plate of chocolate cake, orange chocolate chip as well as some gorgeous disco cupcakes. Well that's a lot of cake for one girl for one day. Nothing to do but eat it of course! (I did share)
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