Monday, March 6, 2017

50th Golden wedding anniversary cake for Grandma Kiwicakes

This weekend was my 17th wedding anniversary. I was married on my parents 33rd wedding anniversary and today would have been their 50th. Sadly my Dad passed away when I was a teenager. So I made a cake just for Mum today.

The cake is coated with Bakels chocolate truffle and the Kiwi is painted with Rolkem super gold lustre. The cake is accented with edible gold leaf and the 50th cake topper, as with all of the supplies came from Kiwicakes

Grandma Kiwicakes has a huge love of Kiwis (in fact she named Kiwicakes) this is the reason for the kiwi on the top of the cake.
My dad was a pretty cool guy, an engineer who was well known in our district for fixing those building problems no one else could fix. He taught me to swing a hammer and use a power drill (the right way) and he taught me to drive - and to parallel park! He fixed my 1961 Fiat Bambina every time it broke down (which was a lot) and at times hand made the parts when none could be bought. He gave me my height (thankfully - one really wouldn't want to be as short as Grandma Kiwicakes) He is the parent everyone says I most look like.

I love this photo of them, it was taken on their honeymoon (I think). Mum told me Dad had to produce the marriage certificate to one hotelier in Invercargill as he didn't believe Mum was old enough for a night away in a hotel, let alone be married. But then again Mum does look about 15 in this photo, not the 20 years old she was.

Just for a laugh I've added in some of my own wedding photos - here I am at a spritely 24 years old - where did the time go?

My wedding cake was 4 tiers made by City Cake Co Mt Eden Auckland. Tiers were fruit cake, orange & almond, gin & lemon & chocolate mud. Every single piece of cake was eaten by our 75 guests, as most people who had one piece wanted to go back and try the other flavours - as it was so good!

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