Monday, August 31, 2009

One of my SPCA cupcakes

Here is one of my SPCA cupcake day cupcakes. I had the best intentions in the world, of creating more dog cupcakes as well, like the ones I did earlier this month, for the SPCA photo shoot for the newspaper (see earlier post). But I simply ran out of time. Trying to keep the business running and look after the children, there was simply no time left last night. However I'm pretty pleased with what I did pull off. I'm just back from having dropped a box off to Poppy's school, for the teachers staff room. I'd been wanting to try making Baileys irish cream icing for a while. So this is what I topped them with. The round circle is made using white chocolate on a transfer sheet, just befor eit set, I cut out circles with a round cookie cutter. The black cat is fondant.
I couldn't resist using my new SPCA teatowels for the photo backdrop. Who said stripes on stripes didn't work?
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