Monday, April 13, 2020

Dairy free replacement for butter in baking and icings

I was thrilled when Bakels recently brought out this Bakers Blend, as a non dairy replacement for butter, it contains no animal ingredients (it is mainly soy based)

During this current lockdown (In NZ for Covid 19) I’ve done a fair bit of baking. I’d been wanting to try the Bakers blend in a variety of different baked goods to see how it performed for me - a self confessed butter addict.
I tried it in my granddads shortbread recipe, which differs from most peoples in that it has ground rice giving it a crunch within its texture. Hand on heart I’d not expected to like it. But you know what I DID!.

It also worked great in our Roberts gingerbread cookie mix.

I also tried it in buttercream icing, simply substituting for the butter. The consistency and pipe ability were great, personally as a butter addict, I missed the real butter taste in the icing. However I suspect if you were making this for someone who chooses not to or is unable to eat butter, then they’d like it. I also think had I flavoured my icing, instead of having just vanilla I’d be declaring it was great.

Once lockdown ends we will be able to ship bakers blend out to you. It’s priced at 4.50 per 500g so currently cheaper than butter

I posted my findings on some of our social media channels last night and found that many agreed with me. One person commented it worked great in Swiss meringue buttercream. And many commented now that they had found Bakers blend, they were not going back to the alternatives, they'd previously used for baking and decorating.

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