Thursday, April 4, 2019

Seashells on the Seashore

One of our categories with the largest range of items at Kiwicakes is seashells and seashore. We have a large range of silicone moulds covering shells starfish fish and much more here

Cookie cutters include a turtle seahorse and my favourite an octopus

Sprinkle medleys are available to coordinate with every theme.

NZ items we have are Paua and Kina shell moulds also a Sand Dollar. One of the most popular

Kiwiana themed items is our Paua edible image which has many uses on a cake

 If chocolate is your thing this lovely chocolate transfer with gold seashells is versatile.

Seashells cake for Rachael's 30th birthday by Karina from Kiwicakes

Two of our most admired cakes have been ones including shells. The first one was made by Kiwicakes staff member Karina with a range of shells made from Kiwicakes moulds .

The second made by Sandra with a range of shells  and coral made by piping white chocolate. The
chocolate wrap was made with our scallop and shell chocolate wrap.

The variations are endless limited only by your imagination.
 Have Fun.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Uses of Meringue Powder for Cake decorators

I often get asked about the uses of Meringue powder, so I wanted to share with you all this helpful guide
What is Meringue Powder and How Do I Use It?
Meringue Powder is an egg white substitute that is primarily a mixture of dehydrated egg whites, corn starch, and natural food gums (used to bind the ingredients). Bakers use meringue powder in: meringue pie toppings, meringue cookies, meringue shells, angel food cake and some mousses.
Meringue powder is also ideal for icings and other recipe that do not reach cooking temperatures required for the safe use of egg whites.
Cookie decorators are especially fond of using meringue powder to easily make royal icing that dries hard-to-the-touch. (The recipe for Royal icing comes on the container)
Great for buttercream icing to allow it to crust.

Benefits of using meringue powder over egg whites:
Meringue powder is shelf-stable – no refrigeration needed
2-year shelf life
Eliminates the need for raw egg whites
Convenient and easy-to-use; no separating eggs!
Adds body and stability
For icings, it helps minimize the bleeding of darker colors into lighter colours
Generally, 2 tsp, of meringue powder + 2 Tbs. of water = 1 large egg white

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