Saturday, November 24, 2018

Have you visited Kiwicakes Shop Lately.

How long is it since you have visited our shop in Kamo.

We have lots of items available to view. If you've checked out our website oyu know we have over 8000 products in stock - here is a glimpse at some of it.

If you are seeking inspiration we have a large range of premade flowers and fish and shells. Most of these items are only available in store as they are too fragile to post.

If you are really pushed for time we have premade cakes and also time saving cake mixes

We have toppers and candles

and a large range of candy and lollipops suitable for drip cakes and even a unicorn horn

and a huge range of sprinkle medleys

Jelly Gems

Flower cutters and tools

Some luxury items like gold salt and champagne gummy bears

Some one off specials

Anything you  need for cake decorating we are sure to have so come on in and check us out.

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