Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Fun Unicorn Chocolate Pops

These Unicorn Chocolate pops were such fun to make, and despite their look, are actually quick to make. I used the Wilton round cookie pop pans, to pour compound chocolate melts in to, positioning lollipop sticks in the cavity provided. These could also be made using cookies (however the particular sticks I used were not intended for oven use). As chocolate shrinks when it cools, metal pans make great chocolate moulds instead of the usual plastic moulds.

To the centre of the pop I added a 9cm white circle of fondant

Using a smaller diameter round cutter, I cut some pale pink fondant in to a circle, then used the same cutter, to cut away part of the circle, leaving the nose shape. I indented the nose and eyes with the back end of my paint brush.

To make the horn, I took two pieces of yellow fondant and twisted them together

Once twisted together I flattened the end that was to attach to the head and tucked it under the white fondant layer, and secured with edible glue 
I used a small piece of fondant to suppor the horn until it dried

 I painted the horn gold using edible gold lustre dust mixed with rose spirit

The mane was simply free form pieces of rolled fondant cut with the scissors

 I used a knife to indent lines on the pieces of mane. The small stars were cut using plunger cutters and were secured with edible glue. The eyes are tiny balls of fondant dropped in to the eye cavity, to which I'd added a dot of edible glue. The tiny white dots of fondant are added afterwards. The ears are cut free hand from fondant, they are so small, no pattern is really needed. This pan set can of course be used to make lots of other fun critters

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